When Isiah Joe

quit scoring I knew we were in trouble. We lose by dbl digits easy if not for him.

we get beat by 8-10 if Sills doesn’t show up…1/2 court offense will never be our strength with this team,all the traps did is give them 3’s and layups and made us have to score in 1/2 court without Desi we are never in the game

I’ll disagree. Our half court offense was good…at times really good. We didn’t make shots but we got really good shots. Off the top of my head Adrio missed a dunk uncontested, Daniel missed a contested one, and many of the missed threes were wide open clean looks. Mix in missed free throws and hot shooting by the opponent and you get a loss. They don’t shoot like that normally or they wouldn’t have four losses.

Maybe certain guys never need to shoot threes! Other than Joe, the rest of the team was 0 for 11 at one point. IMO Jones and Joe are the three guys…the rest need to do other things to help the team. Gafford got schooled on inside play by an 18 year old freshman. Shows what proper inside teaching can do for a kid. Arkansas has never had that. If our big guys can’t do it with natural ability (Portis, Gafford), they never will (Kingsley).

What? Yes, Jones and Joe are our best 3 point shooters, but Harris, Sills, and Simpson are pretty good too. Or did we forget the last few games before yesterday? And I also don’t understand why so many fans keep mentioning Bassey’s age. You do realize that Gafford is 19 right? It’s not like Gafford is a 10 year NBA veteran. Proper teaching? SMH! Arkansas’ never had it, but you list 3 of our big men that were elite talent for us and left off maybe Marshawn Powell. Ugh!

I don’t agree about the ‘schooled’ comments being tossed around in regard to Gafford VS their big freshman. Statistically it was pretty much a wash. He’s a really good player and appears more polished offensively but he’s also much more physically mature. As he gets older, weight is going to become a concern. Daniel needs 15-20 pounds. I think Daniel’s potential is higher and although he may never reach that potential I wouldn’t bet against him. I think both are likely top 15 picks…who goes first will depend on need. If a team needs a low post scorer or a banger right now then Bassey is your guy. If a team needs a shot blocker and a rim runner who has a higher ceiling (IMO) then DGis the guy.

How the heck does Rick Stanbury get a guy like that to WKU?

Arkansas’ half-court offense and defense have both been strengths this season per analytics and the eye test.

Not sure what you are seeing that it is not - other than the obvious breakdown yesterday near the end.

we agree to disagree then b/c other than Sills penetrating and a occasional basket inside by Gafford all I see is passing the ball out front until we get a decent 3 pt shot.Harris will pentrate some as well but the Sills was the only one in the 2nd half without him we lose by 10+

Mike’s half court offense is, always has been, and always will be…motion…with the purpose of freeing players up to make a play via a pump fake or on the bounce. Its a “get an advantage through ball mvt., then attack and pitch to the open man” sort of offense. It’s not our my or my Dad’s generation motion to get a layup or short jumper motion offense.

Nor is it a stick a finger in the air and run a specific set offense.

Its more like soccer, frankly. Mike teaches his players to play within a framework, and a philosophy…and they work on decision-making within that framework.

It is what it is. Some fans prefer something more structured and controlled from the bench. Almost like plays in football…or set pieces in soccer.

That is not Mike’s way.

On another note the only decision that really bothered me yesterday was not calling a timeout to stem the WK momentum and get into the game the guys waiting at the scoring table. By the time the action stopped organically we were down by 8. But, I am a big believer in using TO’s to halt opponent’s momentum. Mike and Nolan seem to prefer to not use TO’s that way.

Yes, we are going to have to agree to disagree.

How you can say that Harris has not penetrated this season is beyond me. His assists numbers and where they come from and where they match up on the floor simply don’t fit your view of things.

Arkansas has attempted 510 shots this season with 194 of them 3-pointers.

For reference sake, Arkansas’ opponents have taken 490 shots with 223 of them being 3-pointers.

This is a much better halfcourt offensive and defensive team than Arkansas has had in awhile.

Again, not just my opinion, but based on analytics.

I have not seen the replay but when Sills did his dribble penetration today, for some reason WKU zone had become porous. You just cannot do that against a good zone. Give Sills credit for taking advantage of that. He did not face multiple defenses.

I also think Harris had twice as many dribble penetrations as Sills.

A statement like that just shows youdaman sees what he wants to see. WKU sagged off Harris yesterday and dared him to make plays yesterday. He made a lot in the first half and really struggled in the second half.

But, before yesterday he had been phenomenal in terms of creating. Suggesting otherwise is absolutely ridiculous.

no piglet Youdaman sees what the TV shows,notice I said Harris would penetrate as well and have give him props for doing so on other posts but in the 2nd half he didn’t and Sills did it at will…why would want to see something?? I have no favorites on this team…I just saw us struggle to score in the 2nd half in the 1/2 court and it cost us the game. we have been good against the terrible teams in the 1/2 court but against Texas,Ind and WK the ones that can actually play defense not so good…don’t know where you getting I said Harris hasn’t penetrated well this season…but considering the source I guess I shouldn’t be shocked.

Golden State doesn’t win two championships if Curry doesn’t show up. Stars have to shine and the bench has to support to win games. Even the best team will lose when that doesn’t happen.

Harris has been solid all year other than 3 point shooting. 2 for 16. Something like that. Even their player said he knew he would drive because we knew he couldn’t shoot. That came from their scouting report. I think the kid has played great so far. Assists to turnover ratio is very good. But you’re going to see teams back off if him and dare him to shoot. One area that needs improvement. I’ll bet we see tons of zone rest of the year.

If they keep backing off, he will soon start taking those shots and make half of them. He just needs to get comfortable out there. He has good mechanics. No reason he cannot shoot well.

As far as Bassey, his immaturity shows. You don’t make a public comment like that, even if you that is what you thought.