When is the next Jeff Long tweet?

Just want to make sure he reminds us the sky is not falling. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

He seems to be comfortable with where things are with football and basketball.

No, he is not.

Good to know we’re all watching the same teams…

That’s two different topics to me

Having talked to him extensively, I am certain he is not “comfortable” with how things are going.

Now if your idea of him being comfortable is not firing Van Horn and Bielema after their subpar seasons and firing Anderson last night, then I guess that might be accurate

Losing hurts the bottom line.

Prolonged non-success hurts the bottom line

And he hates losing

So I humbly disagree with your assessment

Heard on the buzz a comment the announcers attributed to Bruce James. The quote was Jeff Long is a good builder of building but not a good builder of programs. I would agree with that statement. Long has done some very good things as far as facilities, but our sports programs are mired in mediocrity. And the fan base seems to be divided into the big money doners vs the average joe who loves the hogs.

I think he’s gotten out over his ski’s on the football stadium. Especially with the super luxury boxes that are supposed to replace the East outdoor club area. They are ridiculously priced and he hasn’t been getting very good feedback on them. I believe there are supposed to be 11 of them, very luxurious, around 30 seats and some other perks, priced at $350k per yr with 3yrs paid in full upfront and a 10yr commitment. From what I understand they had sold 2 and 1 has already backed out.

wow! a lot of people going to eat crow about that stadium bond not being tied to university tuition if the hogs don’t do a complete 180 and become relevant again. based on our 50 year average performance, how likely is that really? lol I can’t say I’m suprised fans that actually think flip flop wearing bert is the man to do something that hasn’t been done here before aren’t able to understand the jurisprudence of bond guarantees and the universities credit rating. that credit rating sure ain’t based on our win loss record folks. apparently Jeff doesn’t think future ticket demand is based on our win loss record either. should have borrowed all that money to buyout one mega contract at the helm.

As of June 2016, there had been five people/firms commit to buying the Founders Suites, which are the ones going in on the east side. Have any of those backed out since then? That, I don’t know. Have more people committed since then? Don’t know that either.

As for the athletic program under JL, they released Directors Cup standings yesterday. Arkansas is the highest ranked SEC school (18th), even higher than Florida which is perennially top 10 at the end of the year. And yes, higher than Alabama which just lost in the NCG (UF is 26th, Bama is 39th). People forget that Jeff has 17 other sports to run besides football and men’s hoops. We scored Directors Cup points in every possible sport in the fall except volleyball, where we frankly stunk (again) under the new coach. I’m guessing the VB coach will get a little longer to turn that around too.

I think too many people think the AD has such great control of the programs’ success. Certainly he has the job of hiring/firing the right head coaches, but year to year winning is not part of his job. There’s nothing about his hires that tell me he is not capable as an AD.

Now the facilities issue is different. An AD’s job is in large part about securing good facilities, fund raising, etc. Winning and losing affects how well he can do that just as how well he does that affects winning & losing. The stadium expansion/improvement still seems like a good idea to me, but there’s no doubt the way we lost the last to FB games has dampened enthusiasm & will probably hurt ticket sales this fall. CBB shouldn’t yet be on the hot seat, but we all know if 2017 is like 2016, he’s going to be. I don’t know why we blew those two big leads–taking us from a 9-4 team to a 7-6 one–but the fact that we did has hurt the program a lot. I just hope it’s a temporary hurt & not a long-lasting one.

I agree. I have gone back and forth in my mind on Long, but I haven’t seen anything in the hiring process that makes me think he can’t do that part of his job (not that I have agreed with his hires in several cases, but they were all (that I can think of) reasonable choices.) Frankly (pun intended) I don’t really know why I have even “gone back and forth” on Long.

Thanks Dudley. I appreciate the response and am encouraged to hear that. I am not saying that it is time to fire either coach. However, this is shaping up to be a tough year with two of the major sports, and I know in my own job when that happens a thorough review is usually conducted. It seems that would be warranted, and yes I am sure Mr. Long is worried about the bottom line and empty arenas. I am glad if that is the case.

I also humbly disagree with on Van Horn. His history of success in the baseball program is notable. Van Horn was not hired by Long. So far, Coach B and Coach Anderson, both Long hired, haven’t really produced and to me, the jury is still out whether, they can.