When is the last time

a Hog Football team has been so decimated by injuries?

I can’t remember losing so many key players.

Please don’t turn this into a “No excuse” thread. There is enough of that in other threads.

I can tell you I can’t ever recall this many key injuries. Overall? Yes. Best players? No. Not this many.

2000 was a rough season of injuries. Somehow we still made it to the Las Vegas bowl but were embarrassed there.

We beat Alabama in 2000, remember, on a late TD pass to Marcellus Poydras, who remains the only tight end I can recall anywhere who wore a number in the 90s. Bama finished tied with us for last in the West at 3-5. Auburn won the West that year at 6-2 and barely beat us at Jordan-Hare. EOE-K absolutely obliterated us; Chickens beat us soundly. We had to beat Moo U in OT at Stankvomit and then Saban for the Boot to make a bowl. Point is, the West was really weak and we still finished tied for last that year. It’s not that weak now.

I don’t think DECIMATED is the right word. We have lost some KEY skill players, QB, RB, WR. The OL and defense pretty much intact. Yeah, we just lost Frank, but we won the game he missed. Coach B’s 5th year, supposed to have some depth by now. Hindsight is easy, but we lost RW, the lack of experienced receivers and a complete change in defensive scheme… that being said I do hope to see Coach B next year…sitting in a studio at ESPN doing commentary :wink: