When is next day of optimism for hog sports

Football is a garbage product. I cling to hope of an influx of talent.

MA has been underwhelming in basketball. A gentleman. Ethically top notch. However, 22 years since a sweet 16.

DVH the best, but I expect a down year this year.

I wish Santa would bring hog fans something nice this year.

Don’t blame CMA for those 22 years; he’s only responsible for his seven and this is year 8. But I understand what you’re saying. Don’t sell DVH’s team short just yet. It’ll be hard to be as good as last year, but they may be better than you think.

I blame John White, Jeff Long, and Tito’s vodka.

The Tito’s thing again.

As I said earlier, how very middle-schoolish.


The Tito’s thing again.

As I said earlier, how very middle-schoolish.

[/quote]Neither funny nor original.

Like football and basketball the past 5 years. Humor allows me to tune week after week after week.

Soccer has a very good chance to make the Sweet 16 on Thursday…

There’s a lot of going on in the athletic department. Pay attention and you should find something to be proud of.
There’s no use in listing them if your a hog fan you should know!
If you want to grip talk about the poor or non existent play calling out of the OC in the football game!

I believe the next great basketball team at Arkansas will be coached by a fellow named Neighbors. WPS

Where is the humor you mention? Copying JR’s lame nicknames is not particularly funny.

track in all forms remains world class as does baseball who should be in Omaha playing for all the marbles again.

Man, I must have gone into a coma and not realized it. Did not realize that Mike has been here 22 years as a head coach. Seems like yesterday there was an announcement ceremony at BWA.

Love Mike. If I were in charge I would not consider replacing him. I’ll bet Mike would be the first to admit wanting more tournament success here.

Yes I am well aware he has not been here 22 years. Thank you.