When is DVH going to Speak?

We usually hear DVH speak after the draft and to close things before Fall ball.

Probably won’t speak till after MLB signs the draftees and see who is coming to school. I believe the date is Aug 1st for MLB to sign. And wait till the players show up and enroll into school.

oh OK,that may be it…thanks

Usually he does not speak until after school starts. Until players enroll, they are not safe.

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Ok thanks.

Speaking of that, I’m told by someone I trust that Pittsburgh is upping its offer and trying to get Braylon Bishop to turn pro instead of go to Arkansas.

We shall see. While he has never told me that he wants to do that, again, people I trust believe that could happen

I think I read early on that he really wanted to go Pro so if they up the offer,wouldn’t be surprised to see him take it.

Plenty of people have said that privately, but he - to my knowledge - he has not said that publicly.

Although it may well be how he feels about it.

I think they offered him $250,000 to start with.

yeah we will just have to see how it works out,he’s a talented Kid,would love to have him.

I never believe it when they say they want to go to college until they do. Of course, his agent does the talking to teams. If the agent is talking, it’s not over. The agent stops talking, then the player is going to school.

Most will say I’m going to college in the bargaining stage. That will bump the money up some.

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