When in the world is men’s college basketball

Going to change from half’s to quarters? I heard Muss talk about that among other things on 99.5 at noon. We all should be playing under the same rules. Find me a coach or player that likes the changes going from high school to college to NBA. I haven’t!

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I’m with you. I was just about to post the short story I wrote on what Musselman said in that interview.

I want to see 6 fouls too… best players need to be on the floor if at all possible.

I’ve been calling for this for years. The women have it figured out. Less media timeouts, fouls reset, and the pace of the game is faster.

Ditto to all of that.

Going to quarters is fine with me, but I’m OK with staying at 5 fouls. Remember, 6 fouls is only in the NBA, and they play 48 minute games.

40/5 = 48/6

I agree. Six fouls in the NBA is a response to 20% more game.

I’m indifferent about quarters vs. halves. I think the quarter break is somewhat artificial and can break the flow of the game. In football they just change ends after 15 minutes and the same team keeps possession. In hoops the ball goes to whoever has the possession arrow.

Really doesn’t matter to me how many minutes are played I just want to see the best players on the floor,too many times a player gets 2 ticky tacky fouls in the first half he’s taking out with 15 minutes left in the half I don’t like that. These are college age kids and really don’t know how to play good defense without fouling yet they could use an extra foul

Well, then why not move it to 10 fouls…or, remove the disqualification for too many fouls altogether?

IMO, there has to be a penalty for being too aggressive, or else these kids - who are most all ultra-competitive - will end up in fights on the court. Loss of playing time is what these players fear most, so the threat of disqualification keeps things in line.

Do we sometimes see top-line players saddled with wrongly called foul trouble early in some games? Yeah, we do. Officials are going to continue to make mistakes, even as they are right an astounding percentage of the time. But sometimes your “best:” golf shots end up not holding the green, or hitting the rake by the side of the trap…rub of the green, they call it in golf.

I think the balance of 5 fouls over 40 minutes and 6 over 48 has proven to be a fair number, over the years. Of course, others will have differing opinions.

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That’s why we are all entitled to our opinions.

I agree and the interview I heard from Muss he didn’t mention going to 6 fouls in men’s college game!

No he didn’t but it sounds like he would be in favor of NBA rules all around which includes six fouls.

International ball is 10 minute quarters and five fouls. Yet some players choose to go overseas instead of college. My theory is they don’t care about the rules, they care about getting paid.

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