When I was hired: Sam Pittman

As Arkansas’ search team closed in on Athens last year to interview him, Sam Pittman was 19th in line and facing a 59-minute wait to get his hair cut.

“I was thinking, ‘Man, I’m going to be late for the most important interview I’ve ever had.’”

Here is a lot more from the day Pittman was hired by the Razorbacks.


Great article Matt. Super job.

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I talked with Steve a few weeks ago about the search, definitely one to hear, lol.

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Excellent article Matt! Sam is certainly one of us. Loved every word of this piece. We’re due a home run hire. Past due. I’ll bet he will get it done.

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Run the dam ball napkins! hmmm then hires Briles as OC. I see a lot of both in the coming years “running and passing”


It was good work by Matt to get the detail from Fagg and Pittman. Very cool stuff.

I have not met Coach Pittman, but I like him. He has a special quality about him.

Great article. I’m sure Clay is smiling. Good writing is
a joy to read. Arkansas is blessed mightly with Sam Pittman being our football coach.

have really enjoyed the series and a look into how we got our coaches.any chance the rest of the head coaches(both women and men)will be featured?thanks in advance…