When I submit a post, nothing happens..................

…and sometimes I get an error message. I open up a new browser tab, go to the website, and there is my post at the top of the new post list. This has probably happened ten times in the last couple of days. Anyone know what is going on? Here is the error message:

This page isn’t working

forums.wholehogsports.com is currently unable to handle this request.

Yes, it’s a glitch that is going to be corrected with the forums reboot early tomorrow morning.

? Matt, on the bottom of the page listing the folks on board live, there are often bots listed like Amazon, Google, Bing, etc. Are these real and if not is this part of the ad problem recently? Upgrade on Wed. Address if so?

The bots have been there since the first day this board opened. Probably were on the old board too, we just didn’t know it.

Those are part of the ad components we have on the website. We do not believe they are part of the issue.

Tha nks for reply. Had not noticed those until recently