When Florida took the weekend off and let MSU sweep...

that may have helped them get the boost they needed to
make the NCAA Tourney. Now they are on verge of beating
Oklahoma for a second game to advance to a Super Regional.

Who new how big Florida taking it easy would effect the landscape
of college baseball.


which raises something of an ethical question. While I know Fla didn’t purposely lose, it obviously relaxed & let its second tier pitching give MSU an advantage they wouldn’t have had if UF had played it straight up. Does a team owe the field its best shot against all comers or when a team has a title sewn up, is it okay to pull up? This helps the direct opponent, but hurts at least one other team. If MSU stays home, someone else would have had a shot. Perhaps Kentucky.

It’s not that I have a great love for Moo U, but I do despise zero U.

thee & me.

And it’s now final. MSU advances. Zero U heading back to Norman.

Did you guys watch the Florida-Mississippi State series? I did. Florida did not take the weekend off. All it different was not pitch Brady Singer and kept Jackson Kowar on his Saturday-to-Saturday schedule, which made it to where he threw in Game 3 instead of Game 2.

Two of the three weekend starters, including Kowar, threw that weekend. Florida brought its All-American closer into Game 1 and he blew the save. Florida very much tried to win that series, but was outplayed by Mississippi State in Starkville, the same as Arkansas and Ole Miss earlier in the season.

And to think Miss State was one pitch away from losing to Florida State.

Looks like the SEC might get 8 teams in the Supers. The SEC will be guaranteed 3 spots in the College World Series because 6 of the 8 teams would be playing head to head (Hogs-SC, Miss State-Vandy and Auburn-Florida)

I did not watch the series. I probably read on the message board (always a shaky source :smiley: ) that UF relaxed. I know a couple of TV commentators speculated in advance that UF might want to hold back some of its top pitchers to rest them. Still, the hypothetical remains…should a team hold back its final series or game when it has a title sewn up, but other consequences might ensue for other teams?

we are the ones who gave them the confidence we don’t blow that 5-0 lead on friday night that series would have been different and who knows after that.

Or maybe it was Ole Miss blowing the ninth inning lead against them two weeks earlier.