When does this team break into the top 25

Since our schedule of just playing Oral Roberts this week won’t move any needles we need one of the teams on the back end of the top 25 to lose. Here’s the games I think gives us the best chances.

12/23 - #21 Tennessee @ Wake Forest - Going to be a tough game for Tennessee, Wake Forest on a 6 game winning streak plus they are at home. This is the best chance we have for a team to lose and us slip into the top 25, although we should root for Tennessee because they help our SOS and if we beat them at home it would be a win over a ranked team. So, we actually need Tennessee to take care of business here.

12/21 - Uconn @ #18 Arizona - Arizona is on a 6 game winning streak despite losing 3 in a row. If they were to lose to UConn it would put them at 4 losses and almost guarantee they drop from rankings making room for us. With that said, Uconn is still the underdog here. But, they do have some good players and have won 3 of their last 4. Would also help our SOS/RPI if Uconn pulled up the upset here.

12/22 - Northwestern @ #17 Oklahoma - Northwestern is a decent team that’s capable, they’ve been on the rise since last year. I think Trae Young is just too good though, plus even if they lose Oklahoma would only be a 2 loss team and could possibly still be in the top 25, but voters may give us the slight edge since we beat them on a neutral court. The thing with this game, just like the Tennessee game, is we still need to root for Oklahoma because they strengthen our RPI/SOS and they are currently our best win.

Also, another good thing about this week, as we seen with UNC, kids are ready for Christmas break and not dialed all the way in, so some good mid-majors could pull some upsets. Florida St, Seton Hall, and Texas Tech all have some decent mid-majors they are playing this week.