When does this team break into the top 25

This basketball team just continues to excite me, and reminds me of growing up during the 40 Minutes of Hell Hogball years!!! With OU’s big win tonight, and a handful of other top 25 upsets today, when will our Pigs break into the top 25 polls? I would love to hear everyone’s feedback, opinions, etc.

Go Hogs!!!

I don’t think they will be in the upcoming poll on Monday. It will be close. I’m thinking we’ll be like 27 or 28. I think if we win our game on Tuesday, we’ll then be ranked going into the week of December 25th.

Also, here’s a good place to gauge where we’ll end up.

http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … asontype/2

Monday, lots of upsets today

Not sure, but win our next 2 and we should be 20. The Houston loss really has us in limbo.

And I don’t really get that,

There are 5-3 teams in the Top 25 and we are 8-2 vs a very good schedule.

Our strength of schedule took a nose dive last night. Went from top 10 to 33. It will dive again Tuesday; ORU is terrible. It’s still not bad, and it will improve when conference play starts. My guess is keep winning, including beating Tennessee on the 30th, we’ll be ranked after NYD.

Go search NCAA basketball. There’s a poll there that has the hogs 25th. Florida and Norte Dame fell out. OU and Arkansas both in. OU is 14th.
It really doesn’t mean a thing. We need to beat Kentucky when we play them. That’s the game of the each season I want to win more than any other game. Until then we need our hogs to take it one game at a time. We should end up at seasons end about 10th to 15th in all polls.
4 or 5 seed for the Dance.

The polls will take care of themselves. Not to worry. I have watched a lot of basketball and seen some really good teams in my life and all of the really good teams have some things in common. Good guard play, good in the paint play and shot makers and strong defense…We are really strong with our four guards. Our scoring in the paint is very high. We have three guards that can really score and knock down shots. Our defense is very good at times. Gafford is the wild card… The better he gets the better we will be. He gets better ever minute he is on the floor. This team has all the pieces to be special. We rocked the Basketball world the time our kids walked into the Arena where the Kentucky Wildcats were and the Hog Call broke out…Shocked them all…We are not that level but we are coming. It is no accident that we are 8 and 2. Hang on and enjoy the ride. WPS!!

Probably need to beat Tennessee to get ranked. That is going to be a tough matchup.

I think beating ORU and an upset of a team somewhere in the 18-25 range might get Arkansas into the rankings next week. Barring that, it’ll probably take a win over Tennessee.

AP # 26 right now. All we need to do is keep winning and not worry about rankings, although it is nice to be validated. Tennessee is looming large on the horizon. Hope we can fill the seats that day, but with a noon start and students out on holiday, that might be tough. Tennessee should have beaten North Carolina.

The poll did not even come up at Mike Anderson’s media briefing today. I sense that Mike isn’t focused on that. Fans might be, but he’s not. Players probably look at the rankings, but no players were at the interviews today.

The polls may not be important now but it still shows the way the media disrespects our hogs! It would be hard to justify Arizona being ranked above our hogs as well as many other teams in the country.
Well see what happens in a few weeks.

Coaches have us tied for #27 with VTech. Creighton and Florida State, in differing combinations, are the bottom two teams in both polls. Notre Dame is #26 in coaches, #27 in AP. We’re not really close though; FSU got 103 points from the coaches, we got 23. Creighton got 144 points in AP; we got 83. The Paperclips are 17th in both polls.

They need to keep playing with that chip on their shoulder and staying hungry.

chip on the shoulder

we’ve won many a game with that chip

our finest hours

That blowout loss to Houston is the only thing keeping this team from a top #15 ranking right now…

Oklahoma at 17. Didn’t we beat them


Our strength of schedule took a nose dive last night. Went from top 10 to 33. It will dive again Tuesday; ORU is terrible. It’s still not bad, and it will improve when conference play starts. My guess is keep winning, including beating Tennessee on the 30th, we’ll be ranked after NYD.

[/quote]What gets me about these various ratings is how we can have the same (or better) record than other teams who have a WORSE SOS than we do - and yet, they are ranked ahead of us. I see it all the time.

For example, in the current Sagarin ratings, we are the 5th highest team with 2 losses (all the teams have 9-11 wins). Our SOS is 62 (per Sagarin’s rating method - I know it’s better in RPi and some other places), and the other 4 two loss teams ranked ahead of us have SOS of 27,101, 95 and 300 (respectively, and in order from highest overall team ranking, to lowest).

The team that is 11-2 with a SOS of 27 - I get them being ranked higher. But the other 3?

And, again, you see this in RPI and other similar rating systems. I do know that each system also has other things that give “bonus” points, like having a good record against the Top 25 or 50 teams, etc. But in the Sagarin example above, our record vs. Top 25 is 1-1, 2-2 vs. Top 50. The “other guys” (in the same ranked order presented above) have Top 25/Top 50 records of (2-0, 4-1), (1-1, 2-1), (1-1, 3-2), and (0-1, 0-2). So, another team (Cincinnati) who is 10-2 (we are 9-2), has a SOS of 300 (to our 56), and is winless against the Top 50, while we are 2-2, with a 1-1 record vs. Top 25 . . . and yet, they are ranked ahead of us!


In the whole scheme of things, if we have a winning record in conference (especially this season, with the very strong non-conference record and RPI the SEC has compiled), we will present good metrics and have no trouble getting into the tournament with a seed that should be favorable (compared with other years). Still, it’s something I do notice.

I believe not being ranked is a good thing. As you said, it seems the media is disrespecting the Hogs, that puts a chip on their shoulder.

My problem (or worry) is us winning our next two (including a ranked TN). The next game would be against Mistake. Mistake only has one loss. They will probably have one loss when we play them. They beat us last year. We are playing at their place, and they are getting less media attention than we are. My worry is we will get ranked after TN, and Mistake will send a message. Good thing is, Mistake isn’t that bad of a team. Looked like they’d go dancing last year, then got in a rut and couldn’t get out. Don’t think that’ll happen again this year. By the way I look at the RPI and the Wizard on there every day. I went Game by game to see who the Wizard thinks we will lose to (we are forecasted 23-8). Mistake is the first game it projects as losing.

FYI - The projected 6 losses:

(name, date, our % chance of winning, yes we are favored in five of the six)

@ Mistake 1-2 69%
Missery 1-13 65%
Okie Light 1-27 77%
@LSWhoo 2-3 77%
KenSucky 2-20 68%
@Missery 3-3 43%

Not favored in these three games (Wizard projects us at 2-1 in those games)

@ Fl 1-17 45%
@ aTm 1-30 33%
@ Missery 43%

This was last night prior to our game