When does practice start?

I’m assuming somewhere around the 20th but just curious as to when it officially starts.

They haven’t said yet. Since SP has never been the boss before we don’t know what he prefers.

Im talking about baseball

Ah. I didn’t see this was on the baseball board. When I click new posts it gives me everything on all the boards lumped together. I would think it would be pretty quick. Even if the weather is bad they can work indoors in Fowler Training Center.

yeah 1st game is Feb 14th so has to be fairly soon.

The first team practice is Jan. 24. I think small group sessions with coaches begin next week.

Ok thanks

Are there any updates on Goodheart and Martin?

Seems like I heard good heart is coming along very well and should be able to swing the bat in January but not throw. I think Martin should be good to go I could be wrong but seems I heard those two things to be accurate

Martin rehabbed faster than expected and was swinging again by the second week of November. He is good to go.

Goodheart began swinging around the end of November. He was swinging the bat well, driving the ball before the players left for the break. I think he’ll be ready to at least DH by the first game.

I knew the first game was right around the corner, but when I saw Feb 14 as the date it kinda hit me just how close it is. I can’t wait. Really pumped for baseball to start. The only thing I hate about baseball in Feb is the weather. Baseball is a warm weather sport & we just don’t get enough of it in Fayetteville during the college bb season. Won’t stop me from coming, though.

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You know better than that, don’t you, Nanook of the grandstands?


C’mon, Marty. I felt like I was providing valuable information with that post. :blush:

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Exactly the picture I was thinking about!