When does fall camp open

I’ve not seen it posted, but was curious to know when fall camp/practices commence. Also has CSP announced if two-a-days would be factored into the Mix?

I’m anxiously awaiting to see our 2021 “Mean Ass, Blue Colared” Hogs to take the field against Rice!

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Camp is set to begin Aug. 6, so next Friday. We should know more about the practices and how they’re set up soon. I will post the fall camp schedule when we received it.


Thank you sir. I’m looking forward to hearing reports of how this experienced team meshes in practice, especially the cohesion of the offensive line. WPS!!!

Would any of the “Insiders/Sports Writers” be willing to provide a letter grade assignment to each positional group prior to the start of fall Camp? I’m curious to know where folks have our team graded wise, prior to the season start.

Bored Hog Fan in Youngstown, eagerly awaiting September 4th! WPS!!!

I am never any good on that sort of thing (letter grades). Never done it.

As far as two-a-days, I am pretty sure the NCAA put an end to those several years ago.

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