When does a Drought Become Culture?

When DOES a Drought become a culture? This goes for both Men’s Basketball and Football. For over two decades in Basketball and about ten years in Football, both teams have been mired in mediocracy. No Championships, No Major Bowl victories and when the Basketball team does make the Tournament, it was usually one and done. Bad luck or “It’s just our turn.” doesn’t cut it. Bad choices in Coaches are a big part of the problem. Our Current Coaches CSP and CEM seem passionate and driven to make both programs successful. Can they do it? I don’t know and neither does anyone else. I’m rooting for both of them. The Board and some of thier boneheaded decisions also play a roll. Maybe investing in both Coaches and infrastructure could have been done instead of trying to find good Coaches on the cheap or hoping to strike gold with up and comers. If your trying to get out of a whole, the first step is to stop digging. What makes a Coach believe he can turn two and three star players into ALL SEC players? Show me where that has been done on a consistent basis here in the SEC. In both Football and Basketball, the SEC is a Physical Conference. Getting players undersized and or looking like they have never lifted weights in thier lives will not lead to success. We know or suspect what many Coaches in the Conference do to get the top players to go to thier Schools. Do we follow or just be satisfied being an also ran? Is a fat check from the Conference worth mediocre results on the court or field? What do you think?


Blah blah blah. Mediocracy isn’t a word, for starters. But you did remind me of something I need to take care of

If you don’t like my posts Swiney, don’t read them.

I just remembered. You only like posts that just does the Rah, Rah Razorback line, or kisses your rear end.

I’ll take a shot at this one…in my opinion both basketball and football are ultimately about getting “dudes”…basketball takes less as you can will with 8-9 kids, while football is about both quality and depth.

Personally, I like the coaches we currently have. What I don’t like is the inability to give them a chance to build…the current status of our team will take time to change. Every time we hit the “reset button” we don’t move forward, but rather backwards. My hope is we’ll start getting a few more “dudes” each year and “coach up” the rest.

Regardless, I’m in. WPS.

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Only time will tell in both sports. Not much choice but to support and cheer them on. We can all sit here observe and see and say we know what’s needed but that is the easy part. The coaches have the hardest part. Getting what’s needed to come here.


I have no idea if either coach will be able to get us out of this. I do not think losing is now our “culture.” One coach just finished year one, one coach is in the middle of year 2 (and didn’t have a bad year 1, not a great year 1, but not bad,)

Lets wait and see what happens.

It’s in Merriam Webster online btw

Has either program been signing many two star players? The basketball program has been adding four star players at a higher rate than football.

I tried to wade through that post. Took me some time. Probably needs some paragraph breaks to make it a little easier.

But, having written that, nothing wrong with discussion.

I think it most cases during the hiring process some of the coaches you probably wanted were not interested. You pay what you have to when you do find someone that is interested. I think more money was available.

But it’s never a bottomless pit as far as salary options.

Explain to me Clay just who and when have a Coach recruited primarily 3 stars in football and has consistently been in the running for championships or high level Bowls? All I have heard over the past several years is we need to turn 3 stars into SEC Caliber players. How has that worked lately? And how can we continue to utilize the same old formula of undersized undersize and under developed players to compete in a physical Basketball Conference? How has that worked lately?

Sorry about the repeated word there.

So who are the 2 stars? When I see something like that in your post, hard to take you serious.

Can’t take you seriously when you purposefully leave out the 3 star part too.

If you look at recruiting of late, it’s improved. I just don’t see any 2 stars. Hyperbole on your part and all who read your post know it.

It’s ok. You can throw in something everything sees is not true if you want.

I would agree you can’t recruit 2 stars. I just do not see any.

If you are all 3s, you will struggle. I don’t see that either.

Do you want to edit your post to take out the 2 star reference?

It sure is but I wouldn’t expect swine to admit he is wrong. He lives in his own world with his own dictionary and rules. I mean if your gonna call a guy out and make fun of his post…

We’ve been though this before. You’ve got to get more 4 stars while also getting quality depth of at least 3 stars. To get the 4s and the 5s you’ve got to win. To win you need the 4s and the 5s. We’ve seen the cycle. The hope is with good coaches and good recruiting we can win more games and recruit better. I think both staffs are doing that. It isn’t going to happen overnight, especially if you believe we are a mediocracy. Give it some time. The key will be to not go backward. That can happen faster than going forward. See Pelphrey and John L and Chad. Got to eliminate those decisions.

Point taken on the two star part. But just how long have we been witnessing this rebuilding process? A little over a decade? That goes along with is this a Drought or Culture. It doesn’t take over a decade to rebuild a football program. Doesn’t take almost twenty years to rebuild a basketball program either.

Certainly it has taken that long to turn around our programs. We have all witnessed it. LMHF, we can choose to think in gloom about the (many) times we struck out with the pretty ladies, or we can rejoice in the successes that have come our way. The choice is ours. I choose to look forward with great gratitude and anticipation to what (at least to me) appear to be major positive turnarounds in both areas being discussed (not to mention baseball, soccer, women’s basketball, men’s track, women’s track, etc.).

In football, our AD and coach have finished one season. a bizarre, crazy season with no spring practice. I was impressed, given the roster he inherited, the injuries, bad officiating, etc. I like the 21 recruiting class, lots of early signees, lots here early, well balanced and well though-out class. and kept all but one assistants, -despite multiple assistants being woo’d by others, including Texass and USC-when’s the last time that happened? seems headed in the right direction, can’t wait till next year.

Basketball-I’m very impressed with our coaches and our recruiting. 4 freshmen are all 4 stars. 3 are really playing well, one is post-op. that’s pretty impressive. Have you seen our upcoming recruits? like RD’s article this week? holy cow, things are looking up.

If you disagree with all that, then stick to our baseball team. nuff said, I think.

Or you can watch our blossoming womens gymnastic program. or women’s soccer. or women’s golf. or women’s basketball.

I’m not at all trying to be critical of your post, and I TOTALLY get how frustrating it can be as a fan, but there really is a lot to be proud of in Fayetteville now.


I don’t know what a culture is. I really don’t. I think it’s correct leadership because I see 4 stars coming to roster in hoops. Need more in football. Agreed.