When do we voice our concerns with the SEC officials

No wonder Florida has dominated this series they bring their own offical. Whether home or on the road all the calls ( missed / committed) are made in Florida’s favor. This one official last night dominated the tempo, and controlled the game in Florida’s favor… And you all know the one I’m referring to, when is enough, enough! I remembered several seasons back the hawgs on road at Florida we should have won that game but lost to that official, who turned out to be an alumni, SEC office admitted he should have never been allowed to officiate that game. Complaints should be voiced to the SEC Official Ofcs, as oppose to throwing players under the bus. This officiating was calculated and implemented on our home court, they took the game and gloated about it through the bias broadcast crew, oh for the record Allen is not from Little Rock, he is from North Little Rock. You better take a stances now or watch them continue to intimidate this young group of players…

The officiating was atrocious, but it still doesn’t excuse our play last night.

What made me made was the inconsistency and letting Florida get away with multiple travels that lead to points, or bailing them out with ticky tack calls when the shot clock was about to go off.

Response- I get poor performance, I don’t accept intentional officiating slighted one-way that is dictating / contributing to the poor play

Officiating was bad, some of the non-calls when Florida had the ball were just awful.

Nonetheless, we own the loss based on seven of the nine who played shooting like Imperial Storm Troopers.

I said earlier in the week that the two things I feared most about playing the gators, was cheating refs and No Neck lighting us up. I’m no Nostradamas from Dumas, but I have seen this movie before. Way too many times.

Groundhog Day… :shock:

Officiating was inconsistent and they missed a couple of obvious calls…especially the out of bounds call on our baseline late in the first half. It was a missed opportunity for Mike to fire the guys up and show some passion, instead he barely argued it.

But in the end, we were called for 20 fouls and they were called for 25. And it was a 25-18 difference until the last 30 secs. Hardly what I would call “biased” officiating…just bad.

I don’t think it has to be a foul to be bad or questionable officiating. There was a play in the first half when KeVaughn Allen appeared to travel in the lane, but it was a no call. He kicked it in the corner and someone hit a 3. It turned out to be a big play in a close game.

I think there were a few plays like that last night when the officials swallowed their whistle.

On that play in the lane Allen got by with a push off and traveling that lead to the 3. The out of bounds play in was clear the ball was off Florida. The refs were horrible but that’s nothing new. Voicing concerns as fans does nothing I’ve called and wrote letters and the calls in those cases were more obvious than the one last night.

There’s a difference between bad and biased. I agreed it was bad and inconsistent, but did not agree with the OP that it was biased.

I didn’t think it was biased either.

Response: I get that, and compliment your efforts as well. I don’t believe 1 or 2 people or even 50 would get their attention, I believe hundreds to even thousands to write or call to get our point across…

In my view calling a foul on Florida was actually a bias against Arkansas, not likely we would make the ft’s! :cry:

That’s…pretty funny!

Yeah I agree it is pretty funny, I noticed the broadcast crew thought It was very funny as well, as Allen was sticking it to his home state university. All the while this one official was missing calls of all sorts when it concerned Florida :roll:

Multiple walks by Gators that went uncalled. Bias, blind, or
making extra change$$$$. It was evident, so you tell which
of the above fits the bill we paid.
I guess the really bad call on possession of an out of bounds call
was just more ‘oh well’ BS. In a close game much of the
difference in the outcome was aided by the refs-and it certainly
was not in our favor. I agree with the poster that asked the
pregnant question, when is enough, enough?

When a ref calls traveling on our hogs all night and don’t make the call on the other team that’s just being a cheat. It has happened in football and basketball every since we joined the SEC and it won’t stop now. What the hogs need to do is take good shots and move the ball.