When do we know

When do we know the Referee assignments for the first 4 games

When do we see Marc Curles again?

Just had to mention that name, huh, bluegrass? I’m thinking if we act like we’ve never heard of him maybe the SEC will forget to assign him to one of our games. Yeah, I know that’s really wishful thinking–sorta like hoping Perry Costello will only call Texas League games–but I’d at least like to get through August without thinking about Marc Curles.

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Well dang. He’s my financial advisor.

Told me to sell all my cryptocurrency and invest in vacant office buildings.

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I’ve never known official assignments prior to game day. I find out about two hours prior to the games.

I think a Big 12 crew will work the game against Texas. It is fairly standard for the officiating crew to come from the conference of the visiting team when there are nonconference games between Power 5 teams.

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You should have had on your BAMA shirt when met.

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The crews know their assignments for the first month at this point. I am sure of that because I know one guy working in the SEC. But that information isn’t released until the day before a game. There can be changes.

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Well he did get talked about in the targeting thread and I took the bait

Gosh - it did ruin the joy I was having this pre season

Oh well

Let’s enjoy what’s coming

But I am thinking about contacting some old acquaintances in Lake Charles - Ft Polk area to make and sell anatomically correct SEC referee dolls -

Complete with needles and other instruments of pain and suffering

What you think?


Lordy you hope he makes calls better in finance than he does on the field

Maybe that’s why they don’t fire him - he is managing SEC board room accounts!?

I kidding - I have no way of knowing any of that

Thanks for the info Clay

That’s what I understand

Hoping that they keep it clean because they are auditioning for SEC gigs after the game lol

@bluegrassrazorback they have voodoo shops in NOLA. They freaked me out big time. I would not even walk by one.

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An anatomically correct SEC ref doll would have no eyes.


They would have their hands out.



Me too never walked in one but fir the sake of this discussion it was a fun pun

But yes I want nothing to do with it

But as a Srmy dude it’s freaky when your on maneuvers and you run across a doll that’s multilated smeared in blood and feathers and nailed to a tree

Want nothing to do with it

Oh that’s good Jeff - it’s part of the sport to harass the referees - especially when they earned the derision


When some of the unbelievably bad review calls come back, I’ve often pictured a tight yellow wrapped stack sitting on the table.

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LOL at @SwineFusion and @ClayHenry.

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