When do we hire new coach and fix recruiting and program direction?

And I like coach but this is embarrassing

He needs to be fired tomorrow, so we can begin the search. The longer we wait the worse he hurts the program.

I think he should have been fired after Va Tech but unfortunately he was retained. He certainly deserves to be fired tomorrow but won’t be.

I would think he’d be fired the day after a losing season is assured so we can get begin the process of moving forward.

Can we do this in a way that gives a new coach shot at not losing an entire class as well?

why not fire him tomorrow ?

the team is truly pathetic.
in so many ways.

coach certainly has some good characteristics but lets be honest … hes failing.
he has some not so good characteristics as well

I’ve been disappointed these years but defended coach and AD more times than not.

This program is officially completely irrelevant.


ironically… the depth to which we have sunk has placed us on the national radar i believe.
there is more discussion about us than in several years because of how bad we are and how bad our coach is…
now as far as competing for anything yes we are irrelevant but that has been the case since the petrino left

Good point.


Good point.
[/quote]?? Petrino is spilled milk and his name only distracts from the task at hand. If getting a new coach is the objective, rehashing Petrino or making this about Jeff Long probably don’t make the process any smoother. It would appear that the AD job is Jeff’s unless he decides differently. My post is neither to attack or defend Long, but just to acknowledge that having two openings would likely hinder the Coaching search, which will be challenging enough.

I don’t know anymore and discussing past coaches for a program that is not respected nationally may not matter much.

We basically have been given a self imposed death penalty by our Administration.

The first step in fixing this is telling Jeff Long to hit the road & hire an AD who is interested in winning football games who would send Bielema packing.

I’ve been in Jeff Longs corner so far, if he does not fire Bret Bielema tomorrow i will no longer be. He needs to give the fan base some immediate hope and get this bum out of Arkansas. Start fishing around for the next man.

I do think a coaching change is needed, but do you really think BB is a bum? His failure is related to the product on the field, not the way he’s represented the UA off the field, the off-field standards he has held the team to, or the way he’s acted personally.

I don’t wish ill of BB, unlike some of our other former coaches. I just want him gone.

I agree. Not into calling coach names.

He is a good man.

It just hasn’t worked out for whatever reasons.

We have to go another direction now.

I’m just hopeful we do so soon so we have a chance to salvage a recruiting class that will be needed to rebuild fast.

And want the best chance to get the coach we want before other bigs are involved.

Our best chance is to be first in my view.

Unfortunately, if he fires CBB now (as many are saying), who does he talk to? The only coaches that can interview before Dec are currently out of football. Most have already said they don’t want those guys. We have to ride out this year, until the day after Missery. Then if it’s a half way decent coach that we are looking at, he will probably be bowling. Most good coaches wouldn’t leave their team prior to a bowl. Oh wait…

If it’s an up and comer from the G5 like Mike Norvell he would likely leave and an interim would be named to coach Memphis in their game. That’s what happened when Gus left ASU for Auburn for example. If it’s an assistant that coach could split duties like Kirby Smart did when he did double duty - recruiting for Georgia while staying with Alabama until the playoffs were over.

This idea of firing Jeff Long is absurd. CBB had the best resume anyone could reasonably hope for when he was hired. Firing him last year would have be stupid even if in retrospect this season wouldn’t have been worse.

I think it’s time to fire him, but not “yesterday” and not today in the sense we tell him to hit the road. We tell him he’ll be fired at the end of the season. That allows us to start looking, use the “back channel” contacts that everyone denies & everyone uses.

Unlike some of you, however, I’ve come to this decision reluctantly. Some of you simply just relish seeing a coach bleed. You might deny it, but the vitriol is evident. That is inexcusable even if you’re right about the decision that must be made.

Unlike you some of us could tell pretty quickly his results in recruiting were not matching his rhetoric and that he’s a blowhard who’s mismanaged this program badly. I don’t want to see him “bleed.” He’s at a loss and watching him get up and stammer around is painful. If I wanted to watch him “bleed” I’d be giddy about watching him get tarred and feathered the next few weeks. Rather I hope Jeff Long dismisses him today so we can begin the process of moving on and so can he.

I agree with you on every point. We have fans that make the customer experience terrible on here.

That is completely uncalled for to call him a bum and shows more about you as a person. Maybe you need to look at you.