When do we hear from BB

Awful. I just did not enjoy this team this season. Penalties, turnovers, big defensive collapses, poor pass protection. Frankly I disliked this team.

There’s literally nothing he can say that won’t (understandably) anger the fans.

Anything he says will ring hollow. If he puts it all on himself (likely) people will groan that they don’t want to hear it and that that’s all he ever does.

If he does anything else it will be viewed as excuse-making and blame shifting.

His best bet is to say it’s unacceptable and is a major disappointment, finish recruiting as strongly as possible and then shakeup the staff.

I expect all of that to happen and none of it to matter unless he finds a way to get the program trending back in the right direction.

Not sure what he can say.

Would rather hear from AD than a coaching personality.

AD has to explain vision and goals and plans he expects for program and tell fans to dream big or be .500 program and like it.

Coaching personalities come and go.

AD vision and execution is the key

Not being a smart aleck (for once). But, what exactly would you want Long to say? What is it that you want the AD to come out and say?

He’s not going to call Bielema out. That would be counterproductive. If he gives him the dreaded vote of confidence that does nothing but make people think he’s settling for poor results.

So, with detail, what is it you want him to say or do?

All hog fans want to hear is Long say this was unacceptable, this season was unacceptable, and the state of the program is unacceptable. We will do whatever is necessary to get this to a winning program.

Something along those lines showing he has a spine would be nice.

Otherwise paying for that expansion will be a little difficult, because If the same team and staff marches out there in 2017 a lot will stay home, including me. And I’m as loyal as they come but don’t believe the four hour drive will be worth it if it is the same situation, which I expect it to be I think BB is in over his head.

If JL puts out a press release tomorrow that says exactly what you said, what does that mean? You say “get this to a winning program”, we have had winning years the last two years. Do you really thing the AD is going to come out and say if BB doesn’t win 10 (or 9, or 8) next year he will be fired? What do you think that will do for recruiting? If he says anything else, won’t it just be viewed as coach-speak (AD-speak)?

Excuse me, I forgot I was dealing with my fellow Arkansas fans. Get this program to more than a mediocre program. That would be nice. While some are happy with a ‘winning season’ I most certainly am not. I want an AD and HC who are determined that anything less than a 9 win season isn’t acceptable. Other programs hold their coaches to that standard in our conference, as should we. I don’t expect everyone to understand my opinion but I don’t like settling for mediocrity loaded with excuses. We are lol different though.

And to mention recruiting, what will be losing multiple 3 star players? We aren’t an elite recruiting program even with BB, maybe our next coach will be a better recruiter. We see how BBs recruits are turning out, his safeties are pretty bad, plain and simple as well as many other areas of recruiting. So recruiting shouldn’t be worried about in a case like this.

You’ll never see an AD come on TV (before firing a coach) and say during the crucial time for any program (the run up to and then NSD) and say that the coach is failing and the program is a mess.

It just won’t happen and shouldn’t. It wouldn’t help anything and it probably would hurt things. That’s just almost goes without saying.

So, to act like anyone who isn’t in favor of that is just a Pollyanna fan is silly.

Just about the only AD who has ever done that was JFB with Nolan. That was well before the meltdown and was a big catalyst for the meltdown.

It’s just a bad idea on every level. What coach worth his salt is going to come here when the AD publicly calls out the predecessor when he’s trying to fix it?

Cmon. Seriously.

I guess it’s a good thing that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying the AD should say he’s not going to settle for 7 wins a season which is what BB is capabale of. Not necessarily that the program is a mess but the state of the program is a 7 win team that might as well not even show up on the field in the second half. Continue to twist it however it makes you feel better. All I’m saying is in order to progress pass mediocrity we have to have an AD that calls a spade a spade. BB isn’t capable of winning 9, 10, or more in this league. We aren’t in a situation to get rid of him because of a nice healthy extension by Long. So we will now sit back and watch a farewell tour, he’s losing a lot this season, but I wish him the best of luck.

“More than Mediocre” What does that mean? Particularly for a team in the SEC West? Your next paragraph says less than 9 wins is unacceptable Do you mean any time a coach wins less than 9 games he should be fired? If not, what does unacceptable mean? Do you think that is a blueprint for success?

I realize this is a a message board, so maybe outlandish balderdash is to be expected. But I don’t understand the Ricky Bobby if you’re not first you’re last, and if you don’t win this year you will obviously never win again mentality that seems to permeate this board.

We have a coach that has 3 P5 championships on his resume. I don’t understand the thought that he has hit his ceiling at Arkansas, do you think he forgot something when he moved south? Do you really think there is that much difference between the B10/11/12 and the SEC? If so, why on earth are people in such a rush to fire him and hire PJ Fleck, or whoever else is the latest flavor of the month who has one hot year in a group of 5 conference? Do you think there is no adjustment from one of those conferences to the SEC? Was anyone in a rush to hire Fleck last year when his record was 17-21?

I am sorry, I am sorry If I seem contrary, if I seem to be accepting mediocrity, or seem to be old fashioned, out of touch, behind the times, or whatever it is that seems to make me not understand the “fire the coach because we pay him $4M a year and he didn’t win enough games” attitude. I happen to think the man is a good coach. IMO that is proven by the conference titles on his resume. He has not won a title here yet, but I think based on his past performance, he should be given every opportunity to do so here. IMO it is just a safer bet than going with another guy who doesn’t have the resume.

I’m saying treat the coach the way he should be treated. To you that may be outlandish or whatever but It is what needs to be done. Year 5 and he can’t even show progress, that means it’s time to move on. Compare his years to petrinos and it’s a world of difference, this thing called a winning coaching record. I don’t care what p5 conference championships he has, he’s not in the big 10 anymore. He hasn’t produced but 1 winning conference record in the sec, 1/5 is not good, and is less than mediocre. So while it may seem outlandish, maybe others should stop living on blind optimism, open their eyes and realize he isn’t doing what he should be doing in year 5. His team declined from the previous year and he’s hung his hat on along with all of his excuse makers as each year the team is getting better. He’s building ‘uncommon’ men, who give up late in games, feel sorry for themselves with the slightest bit of adversity, spit in faces, steal. Not a good uncommon. It’s time for changes.

Well then the obvious question is who do you think would be better? Do you even care? Or do you just want to see someone fired and you don’t care if the next guy is better or not?

That wasn’t what you were saying? You weren’t saying Long should come out and say the coach is failing and the program is a mess?

If not, what do you think, “This was unacceptable, this season was unacceptable and the state of the program is unacceptable” means, exactly?

Those were your words. I didn’t twist them.

“This was unacceptable.” Clear Translation: The coach is failing.
“This season was unacceptable” Clear Translation: The coach is failing.
“The state of the program is unacceptable” Clear Translation: The program is a mess.

There’s no twisting, there. That’s what you want Long to do–come out in the media and say a bunch of stuff that will make the HCs job harder and will also make the ADs job of finding another coach harder if he does what you want him to do and fires the current one.

It would just be very stupid and would serve no purpose.

Bielema knows it isn’t acceptable. The coaches know it isn’t acceptable (and some will know more than others as they will be looking for new gigs).

So, throwing a tantrum on TV isn’t going to do anything other than throw red meat to the fans who already want a change, while hurting recruiting, which is already hit and miss.

It’s just a really, really dumb idea. I’m not saying you’re dumb. Your idea, though? Really dumb.

Agree - an AD must always publicly back the coach right up until the moment he is fired. To do otherwise is not advisable.

Here’s a translation- this is unacceptable- the last two games. It’s Easy to see that and that they are unacceptable. This season is unacceptable - 7 wins and a decline from the year before, shouldn’t be acceptable in year 4. The state of the program is unacceptable, 4 years under BB, he has a losing record. Declining in his 4th year from the previous, 7 win season isn’t acceptable. In no way does that imply the program is a mess, it implies that it’s time to quit making excuses and realize he’s not doing a job worth 4 mill. Idk if you are his wife, him, or what but I don’t think my idea is dumb. Seems pretty common sense, unless you are ok with several more 7 win seasons. It’s time to up the pressure on the HC. He’s had 4 years, and has nothing to show for it, he didn’t get that year of progress. Instead it’ll be another rebuilding offseason, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, or 4 years, or for BB what would take a lifetime at Arkansas. For what it’s worth I only read the intro sentence of your reply because that’s all I needed to see you can’t decipher what I was saying.

And my initial reply was simply stating what some hog fans would like to see. An AD showing he cares about winning and getting towards a conference championship, not just revenue and facilities. Not that he should come out and bash the HC, because I agree he shouldn’t, although I’m not an advocate of BB and he’s done nothing to prove me wrong. He will be gone this time next year, or packing his bags on the way out.

But instead that he demands changes necessary to compete in this conference. Whatever that may be, I would definitely assume a clean sweep on the defensive side, I can’t think of anyone worth keeping besides maybe Rhodes. The offense is in a better situation although Enos needs to also do better in critical times and stop Calling designed QB runs like he has a DT QB.

southern, your feelings are valid. That being said, Jeff Long CANNOT come out and say what you wish he could publically. You can damn be sure he and Bielema will discuss this in private. The perception of Arkansas in the coaching community is that this is a difficult job. You heard Orgeron refer to it as that this year just talking about his time on Hog staff. The fans and the banners at the end of the Nutt time look like we are unrealistic and you cannot please people and therefore 4-5 years and they will fire you.

revisionist history but many wanted art briles, including me. Look how that ultimately turned out. Mike Gundy has had two chances to come and has declined both times. Just need to give coach some more time. this is a difficult conference. much different than the old SWC.

I do love that our players go to class and graduate. building it the right way.

Ive said it before…its the way we lose…like the last two games

If we went toe to toe and lost its acceptable…
Game after game that we lost we had the same tired excuses…even yesterday BB went to the halftime promising we would play 4 complete quarters…

its always the same…" we will look at film and adjust"
“we have to play a complete game”
“ive seen things ive never seen in my career”
“i will review all aspects of the program and make necessary adjustments”

The man had a lost look on his face in the 3rd and 4th quarters…like he was at the bottom of a hill and a Mack truck was rolling out of control and he wouldnt get out of the way

Today ESPN is laughing at us

former players are on twitter shaking their heads

This is no longer on BP…dont even go there…this team…starting with the AD has no solid leadership…no direction…BB can talk all he wants but he never addressed the asst coaches or players during the melt-down…he stayed with the same lost stare for the entire 2nd half and provided the same tired excuses in post-game

This proud university deserves better

All very true. There is no spine in the top guys in this program. There should have been serious adjustments made, and honestly as bad as our defense was maybe an in season change. I understand not wanting to blemish someone’s resumè but I wouldn’t let it affect mine. He’s let t spiral downward drastically. He loses a lot and will have his hands more full than ever next season.