When did we get SWC umpires in this regional?

Geez that would be a unacceptable blown call in Little League…

But getting hosed by calls in a game against a Texas team happened for, oh, about 80 years. We’re used to it by now.

As much as I don’t like the slowing down of the games with the reviews, in this case we would have prevailed.

We need reviews when it was an obvious blown call. Listening to Phil and Bubba on radio replay showed him out it wasn’t even close. Gates foot never left the bag!

That was brutal. I could just see us losing on that. That would have been our luck. Cronin squashed that, though.

Sad part is the ump was in perfect position to see the play. I don’t think he expected Gates to make the catch & keep his foot on the bag with the bad throw & was to quick to make the call.

Don Denkinger strikes again!