When did ladies basketball move

from Barnhill to Bud Walton?

When Bud Walton opened.

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Gary Blair intended to keep them in Barnhill because he thought they had a better chance of filling it than spacious BWA. Pat Summit called him and said, “You will be making a major mistake and it will be used against you in recruiting.” Pat didn’t need a recruiting advantage against Arkansas. She got who she wanted. But she flat out told Gary if she ever needed it, she’d use it against him. He moved forward to get his teams in BWA after that.

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About the same time people started calling them women. LOL!

I’ve noticed that the Kentucky women are still playing in the ancient Memorial gym or whatever they call that place these days.

I have never heard one person make a great case for moving games back to Barnhill for anything other than a novelty. The facility is outdated and not really too many comfortable seats. It was be expensive to make that place comfortable. It is interesting to walk in there, but I quickly walk out (unless there is a game going on).

Rupp Arena is owned by the city of Lexington (I think) and the Kentucky men’s basketball team leases the arena to play games there.

I suspect the reason Memorial Coliseum is still in use for other sports (women’s basketball, volleyball, gymnastics) is because the gate for those events does not justify the cost of renting Rupp.

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Is this a serious question?

I suspect one day Barnhill will be gone and they will put up a parking lot/garage.

I agree. It’s about the right size for a parking deck, which would be useful both for students and athletic events at RRS, BWA and the track.

I told me son that exact same thing the other day,

Maybe Joni Mitchell will write a song about it.




I personally will be very sad to see Barnhill go.


Me too! I was at the last basketball game in Barnhill. It was a great win!

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What is Barnhill used for now, if anything? Intramurals maybe?

Gymnastics and volleyball.

I think there’s a pretty good chance both of those sports wind up in BWA.

Probably so. I wish our volleyball team was as good as the rest of our sports.

Volleyball is decent. Just missed the NCAA field this year, would have made it in 2020 if there had been a full tournament. Like every other sport, SEC volleyball is brutal. Kentucky won the natty in the COVID tournament.

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