When Did Jaxxson Robinson Reclassify?

This notes that Jaxxson Robinson, Ada OK, SG, reclassified to 2020. And, the 2020 class rankings show that he has signed with A&M. Sorry if I am double-posting. Quite intriguing. And, that ends the re-recruitment of this player hoping he’d flip to UA.

I think you will see more and more of these players that are going to PREP school programs start to reclassify. I’ve heard there is a possibility that Michael Foster now might reclassify, and if he does who , knows how many others will do the same. Now, the question will be, who has scholarships available to offer these kids? And with that said, if they don’t will they move players that are presently on the roster to make space for a better player. Then comes the fact that these players will enter the Transfer Portal. Some asked what will the mid-majors do that have lost some of their players to the Transfer Portal, well, there are now new players for them to pick up.

Kids are wanting to get the NBA clock ticking as early as possible.
Heck, with the money the G-League is throwing around (and endorsements) they may see that as a viable option too.
Go ahead and get that one year out they way just in case the high school to pro decison is prolonged.

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