When did Hannahs become Hannahs III?

Noticed this year Hannahs jersey on the back says Hannahs III instead of Hannahs. What’s up with that? Is he the third Dusty Hannahs in the family or the III has to do with being a three point shooter.

Regardless, can we have Hannahs back? Hannahs III just doesn’t look anything like Hannahs.

On a serious note, I am now getting worried about Dusty. As I said I have watched him since junior high and he always has gone through games where he shoots a high percentage and some games where his shot is off. Kind of go back and forth between hot shooting and cold shooting. But right now something feels different other than just having a cold shooting spell. The look on his face is different. I sense confusion and frustration and hesitation in pulling the trigger. This could erode confidence, a fundamental requirement for a three point shooter.

Does he miss Durham and Bell that much? Last year teams had to guard both Bell and Dusty tight. Are the teams now just focusing on Dusty and leaving Macon alone? Was Durham creating that many open threes for Dusty?

One big difference I have noticed this year is that last year Bell and Dusty got a lot of open threes in transition. I am not seeing those this year. Is that because Kingsley is not releasing the ball quickly after a rebound? Are Macon and Beard not moving the ball up the court fast enough to get transition threes? Are we not getting enough steals that lead to transition threes?

This needs to change fast. We must have 3 to 5 threes from Dusty every other game. Otherwise one of our biggest weapon is disabled.

It happened some time this year. I’ve thought it was odd because the story I’ve heard is that he is named after Dusty Baker, the MLB manager who was his father’s teammate.

Teams are just not giving him any space to shoot the three. They are defending him tougher than last year, I think. He is going to have to work harder to get a good look.

The first two clones are out of eligibility. The player development lab is supposedly working on Pat Bradley and Marvin Delph models, but that is just a rumor.

His real name is Gerald Hannahs III and he is called Dusty after his dad’s former teammate and current MLB manager

I thought he was just playing off of his reputation for shooting 3’s. I’m glad that’s not the case. I’m worried about him now too. It’s not just the 3 ball that isn’t falling. He’s been missing a lot of what should be gimme’s for him lately. His all around floor game is probably as good as it has ever been. However, we’re not paying him for his all around game. We’re paying him to make 3’s! (figure of speech).

…and he will struggle to get his shot off. Florida and Kentucky have some great long limb athletes. Dusty will do better against some of the future opponents. This is what happens when the other teams focus their best defender on you. You work harder and someone else should have a lesser defender and a chance to make the most out of it. If they don’t, that is not Dusty III’s fault.

He torched the same Fla team for 33 in the SECt last year. The book was out on him by then and they had long, athletic defenders.

He’s just not hitting the shots he normally hits. There’s no reason to make sweeping statements about him struggling to get his shot off or other teams having better athletes.

Same shots. Different result.

I think he will turn it around, but now is the time.

I don’t get the trend to put “Hannahs III” or “Wise Jr” on the back of the jersey. It’s not like there’s another Hannahs on the roster who needs to be differentiated; and to make it even more confusing, lately if there are people on the team with the same last name, they don’t always put an initial any more.

Not sure where the trend of III or Jr or Sr started; might have been with RG3 at Bayluh. Besides, his last name is not “Hannahs III”. His last name is Hannahs. His first name is Gerald III.