When can we call BS on this delay in naming Coaches?

What logical reason is behind this delay? And where is any “insider” information regarding? It can’t be that CM is making run at BV? IMO the Staff is steadily losing any momentum from the CM hire…

Chad Morris does not owe the fans any explanation for how and when he assembles his staff. Recruiting is in a lull, players are on Christmas break and spring ball is weeks away. It is entirely possible that the staff is already complete and he just hasn’t announced anything.

For reference, Bret Bielema did not finish his coaching staff until Jan. 17. Bobby Petrino finished his staff Jan. 4. That included Ellis Johnson, who resigned a few weeks later. The defensive coordinator job was open for two more weeks before Willy Robinson was hired on National Signing Day.

Given that recruiting is in a dead period until Jan. 11, I don’t think Arkansas is losing momentum by not having named its assistant coaches. Most, if not all, of the assistants should be in place (and officially announced) by the time coaches can go back on the road next week.

Fans will be the last ones to hear anything about a hire. The most important people needing to know who the new coaches will be probably already do: the recruits. If not, then there is cause for concern. CCM seems to be a guy that knows how to do things the right way. I’ll trust him until he gives me a reason not to.

All good responses, just a frustrating occurrence when Hog fan are hungry for good news

I understand your concern and desire for “good news,” but we won’t know if any of it is good news until at least spring drills, if not until kickoff in the fall. Filling out the coaching staff is kind of like filling out a batting order for baseball. They are just names on a piece of paper. They may have a good reputation, but they may not mesh. The same with coaches. They may have a good reputation, but how well will they work together? We don’t know and won’t until we see the staff in action. If they start landing some big recruits, then that will be the best news of all.

multiple recruits with interest have mentioned waiting to see who the DC in particular will be. Active recruiting is now dead until January 11, but not without impact that we lack a complete staff which seems negative to any wise kid now until that staff is named. Communication venues are not absent or in a black hole. Negative recruiting is still possible in many indirect ways. I have come back to my usual and jaded state of negative anticipation. Kind of like living on surgical time in my everyday world. Nothing is real til it is done.

We are in a difficult position already and behind for this recruiting class and I sure the truly talented potential recruits want to know who they will play for. Their decision time is not dead time, active and complex thought processes are spinning fast. Those kids are not making a one day decision, too important to act without full awareness. If the staff is not nor will be what Coach Chad wants then it is in his best interest to put it together his way and go forward full tilt boogie while making sure this never happens again, not naming them is not helping and is probably indeed hurting his attempt to salvage recruiting.

I wish I were holding out hope for getting Tosh Lupoi who is THE best DC we could get for our current situation. Bama is still playing, Venables is not so then if THE best DC available is still a target then I will fantasize and say we are a great opportunity noted by Coach Tosh waiting to be filled. :lol: We could afford to double his salary and make a great save like CBB or better. I’m sure it won’t happen but might as well hope full tilt boogie also.

It is what it is and strange forces are entering the coaching universe. Gruden is hired and back. We now know the price was above our means. So, we will have to sit back and hope the brave coach speak first put out can come reasonably true. Patience it must be.

Venables may not be as good as Chavis as he was run out of town at OU. He has done good at Clemson and Tosh has never been a coordinator as he made his reputation as a great recruiter(Bagman).

Thanks, that’s what I was trying to say!

I expect there are one or two coaches they are waiting on. Hopefully it happens very soon. It’s true the dead period is still in effect, but it would be nice to have everybody on board ASAP to ensure everybody has a chance to get fully acclimated and plan properly for the first visit weekend.

Spot on!

So, is this a backtrack on hearing some names today? I realize you are/were basing that on “sources”, just wondering?

Really? :smiley: How many years ago was that? And he wasn’t run out of town. When Bobby’s brother lost his job, he brought him back to OU as a co-defensive coordinator. Venables didn’t want to be in that situation so he went to Clemson. He was hardly run out of town. If Stoops wasn’t happy with him, he could have fired him when he wanted to hire his brother back.

Why hey yes I sure wanna know who it is and look for it everyday! But am I worried or concerned about it? NO :sunglasses: