When Bielema fired Markuson

…how did he replace him immediately? Anyone remember?

I am not predicting he fire Anderson.

But if I were Bielema, I know what I would do. I would start coaching the position that needs the most help. Brett is coaching for his job. We all know it. He certainly does. If I were him I’d toss the CEO type coaching out the window, and coach the o-line. Or at least pay massive attention to that group.

Found the answer…in 2012 Brett replaced him after 2 games with a GA for remainder of the season…

The next season her hired T. J. Woods (Azusa Pacific).

I know many want Bielema fired today. Like, right now.
But I would like to see Anderson cut loose first. I refuse to believe the talent on this o-line is THAT bad!

Let Anderson go. Even I have seen enough of this…and I am the last one to ever call for an ouster.