When Arkansas opens the 2019 season

There will be 35 players on football scholarships who weren’t on the roster when they open the 2018 season.
27 of those names have been made public.

Disclaimer, the rest is speculation.
I believe Arkansas will fill out the 2019 recruiting class with Sam Loy and Trelon Smith to bring the total to 29. With Luke Jones being place on scholarship in January 2020. Luke would be counted against the 2020 recruiting class.

Late in Fall Camp Arkansas will need to bring their roster up to the maximum scholarships allow, which is 85.

I believe the following six walk ons will be awarded scholarships to bring the number up to the maximum allow. RS JR Blake Kern, who will asked to remain with the team for the 2020 season. RS JR Jack Lindsey, SR Brandon Young, SR Matt Berry, SR Trey Purifoy and SR Jimmie Stoudimire.

I believe walkon RS Soph Tyson Morris could replace one of the above, but probably not.

Here is who is missing from 2018.

Seniors 15
Jared Cornelius, Santo Ramirez, Randy Ramsey, Rynn Pully, Jeremy Patton, Dre Greenlaw, Kevin Richardson, Kendrick Jackson, Hjalte Froholdt, Brian Wallace, Johnnie Gibson, Deion Malone, Gary Cross, Armon Watts and Michael Taylor.

Transfers 13
Chevin Calloway, Alexy Jean-Baptiste , Nate Dalton, Cole Kelly, Blake Johnson, Courte Alexander ,Giovonnie LaFrance, Maleek Williams, Derrick Munson, Dee Walker, Kyrie Fisher, Jarrod Barnes and Billy Ferrell.

Misc 7
Connor Noland baseball, Austin Cantrell graduate, LaMichael Pettway grad transfer, Ty Story grad transfer, Jonathan Nance grad transfer, Dylan Hayes medical hardship and Briston Guidry medical hardship.

Good stuff, but I was betting, I would take Morris to get one