When are we gonna wear chrome helmets

we wore in Liberty Bowl last year. I think almost everyone liked them but havent seen them yet this year. LSU is biggest game we have left. I say Chrome or the 64 throwbacks. Those were awesome.

Maybe they are reserved for bowl games?

I’ve said this a few times, but those helmets lose their appeal when the sun goes down, and just about every game Arkansas has played this year has been at night.

Don’t know that they are; but that’s been my suggestion from the day we broke them out at the Bowl last season. People have stated how much they love them - and they were very sharp, IMO.

But some things lose their “special” feel if you use them at other than special times. Bowl games - SEC Championship - perhaps a big, late season game to decide the SEC West. That’s the time to break them out.

I love pecan pie with real whipped cream on top, and I’m looking forward to getting some of that in about 2 weeks! If I had it served to me every day, however, it would quickly lose it’s special appeal (I know, because there was a time I was left with a whole pie to myself and ate it over a 4-5 day period. By that point, I had no desire to eat any more - and I had not thought that was possible!). As it is now, I look forward to it before Thanksgiving and Christmas as a “treat”. That’s the way I view those helmets - a nice, special thing to wear at occasional “special” times. No need to over-do it.

Plus, there’s nothing wrong with our current uniforms/helmets. Immediately identifiable as the Arkansas Razorbacks - and that is what most of us “traditionalists” want, anyhow. Maintain the brand we established during the Broyles, Holtz and Hatfield eras.

Hmmm, we are almost to Thanksgiving and some special fare. My stomach has been messed up the last two days. But it’s clear that I’m better because pecan pie sounds very good right now.

I hope we never wear the chrome helmets again. On the other hand, I did like last weeks uniform and helmets and I am looking forward to seeing them again.
Woo Pig

I’m very much a traditionalist when it comes to uniforms & that sort of thing, but I’ve accepted the trend of having a non-traditional look occasionally. However, I hope we keep it “occasional.” The idea of coming up with some shiny new look every 2-3 games isn’t something I want to see. And to the extent possible, I’d still like to keep our school colors in the scheme.

Loved the anthracite uni’s after getting used to them.

Not a fan of shiny helmet which looks more gimmicky to me.

If I could pick, I would always wear the McFadden era uni’s or the 64 jersey that looked so good against Bama a few years ago.

And I’m good with that cool anthracite look a few times a year for special games

Mix it all up. Cardinal chrome domes with charcoal(I refuse to say anthracite) jerseys and vintage white with two red stripe pants. A little sumpin sumpin for everybody.

CBB said that there are no more white helmets or chrome helmets. The chrome helmets were $600 a piece times 100. The chrome helmets are now the gray helmets.

Are you saying they painted the chrome helmets gray? I’m glad they retired the white ones.

Yep, they painted them gray. And the old white helmets are now red.