When a recruit decommits...

I just see it as a part of life. This is the world that we live in now.

Circumstances change and that doesn’t make them a bad kid or any less talented than they were before a Friday night tweet.

Recruiting is hard and for most of these 17-18 year olds, it’s the biggest decision of their life to this point and they’ve never faced anything close.

Do I hate losing Carl Williams? Absolutely, but I wish him the best. Do I want to see Greg Brooks decommit from Miss State? Absolutely, do that decommit thing big man.

It’s part of life, part of “the business” and I wish these kids peace and rest while they make the best decision they are prepared to make.

No doubt, it’s just part of college football.

Numberhog…you are on a roll today.

My sentiments exactly.

2nd nice post of the day brother.

I still think the sun will rise in the east.

And a happy thirty-eighth birthday to BDBG.
I love you son.

You expect a few hiccups in each class. Carl is one of them.

Thank you. That makes “2” in the last 10 years! hahaha

Yup. Based on some of the posts I read, you woulda thought half of the class had bailed.