When A&M fires Sumlin....

or when Auburn fires Malzahn, I hope we hire them.

Of course with the nonsense contract extension we are stuck with Bielema for at least 2 more years.

I know it’s not exactly the time to defend the coach. I know most people think that out of all those plays, all those players on the field, all the coaches on the other side, all the things that go into a game that you lose 50-43 in OT now means that it’s the coach who can’t get it done.

Yeah, I know there’s a 4+ year history, but I also know there’s a 25 year history, 40 year history & an even longer history. Frustration shouldn’t rule the day. We can change coaches every 4-5 years & we are not likely to see a major change. Many will say, “why not take the chance, what we’re doing isn’t working.” I’m not so sure about that. I see slow progress against the toughest division in the country. We will see by the end of the season how we’ve done. I expect 6-6 or maybe 7-5 if we’re lucky. To do that we will have to have won 3-4 times agains some combination of 7 very good SEC teams. That’s a hard task, but it’s still something we can build on–especially if we get a bowl win.

I know I’m in the minority. I know the popular position is we will hire someone who will improve our position & put us in the upper tier of the SEC. I know we will pay that someone $M to find out. Just like every other SEC does. And at the end of our new hire, we’ll be like half of the rest of the SEC. Paying $M to get to 7 or 8 wins while Alabama and maybe 1 or 2 other teams win 9 or 10. And all of us except Alabama will be pissed because we’re not above average.

That some lawyers were reviewing the contract and there is actually some type of clause that can cut the buy out in half.

That’s about all I heard, not sure the details or truthfulness behind it.

I’ve been there with you but here is the problem I have. He’s an awful gameday coach. Kicking to Kirk (and I’ll know they’ll say he wasn’t supposed to) was malpractice.

Not challenging the Kirk TD he was bobbling was inexplicable.

No f being able to field an OL that can even be average pass blocking is program momentum killing.

Changing your entire defense to avoid big plays and then giving them up when it matters every time is inexcusable.

All that said, they ALSO were completely robbed by the refs. I’ve never seen a targeting completely overturned the last several years.

And, Huard is usually good but he’s dead wrong on the Curl PI. It was just a terrible call. No say we get that.call, period. Completely uncatchabke and weak on top of that.

I’m so tired of being a Hog fan. Just disgusted. This is what we are always going to be–a program treated with the utmost disrespect.

If they do I’m out. Bad coach. Worse person.

To me there are two important givens:

  1. We can not and will not accept this level of play.

  2. This level of play (OK, probably a little better, but not much) is pretty much all we can do.

That means, justifiably, you fire the current staff in 2 years (when you can afford to do it). Then you hire someone else and almost assuredly repeat the process in 5 years or so. They only way to break that cycle (and even then I strongly believe it would be only a temporary break in the cycle) is to get lucky and hire a coach that is just extraordinary (that has to be by luck, because we will never have the money or the attraction of a known hot coach to come here).