What's your all-time favorite TV show?

Since the board is deader than CNN’s ratings, I wanted to start something fun…so my question to you is about TV. TV is so danged bad these days, I wanted to see what you guys really would watch if you could.

My all time favorites include Seinfeld, Married with Children, The Sopranos, Justified, and the Fugitive from the 60’s. But I am going with Jim Rockford and Angel of “The Rockford Files”. James Garner was my favorite actor. He could play himself better than anybody, and that sarcastic wit of his was awesome. I will never forget Angel cowering down in the floorboard of Rocky’s pickup as Jim was chasing some bad guys and Angel saying…“don’t push 'em, Jimmy”.

The Jeffersons, Sanford and Son, All in the Family

Sanford and Son would be one of mine.

It’s a relatively new show, but I really enjoy ‘The Ranch’ on Netflix.

Today, it is Forged In Fire on the History Channel. Four blacksmiths make a knife in 3-4 hours in their own style usually from salvaged steel in every show, then the two top blacksmiths go home for five days to their own forges to make a different weapon from history in each show like Roman Gladius’s, Crusader Swords, Viking Axes, etc. Then they bring their version of the historical weapon to be competitively tested to see who wins $10,000. Two guys from Arkansas (one won and the other finished a close second) have been in it so far in two seasons of shows. Great show if you like that sort of thing.

In the past, my favorites were WKRP, All In The Family, Raymond, Mash, and Soap.

Rome, Deadwood, Justified, Larry Sanders Show.

MASH. Hasn’t changed in the 35 years since “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” – still the most viewed TV broadcast in history that wasn’t a Super Bowl.

There have been some good ones posted here; however, for me the Andy Griffith show and Gunsmoke have yet to be topped.

Andy Griffith would be another.

My mom LOVED Everybody Loves Raymond, but I never got into it. She also loved Two and Half Men and at the time I didn’t get it. Now I love watching the reruns. It’s probably my current Gilligan’s Island. No matter if I’ve seen an episode or not I’ll watch it.

I’m with Rogerback. My all time favorite is the Andy Griffith show. My current favorite show is Blue Bloods.

Dang, I forgot about Larry Sanders. I just watched last year all the episodes on HBO on Demand. I loved Artie, the producer…the great Rip Torn.

My favorites: Cheers, Gunsmoke and Andy Griffifth. I do like Blue Bloods. But I generally don’t watch current TV. I end up on Netflix more than current shows. I watched all of the NCIS and the new Hawaii 50. Not saying they are perfect. Both have flaws. But I watched them all. I’ll start on the new batch next year. I don’t watch any of those live. I don’t want to deal with commercials. And, I get all the American Pickers stored and watch them so I can skip commercials.

Bonanza, Little House on the Prarie, Twilight Zone. Recent
ones would include Blacklist, Counterpart, and Billions.

Cheers, Andy Griffith and Jeopardy…

Current shows include Blue Bloods, S.W.A.T. and Designated Survivor. Those are only current shows I watch except for many things on the I.D. channel. As far as old shows, loved WKRP in Cincinnati, Lou Grant, Mannix, Bonanza and Barney Miller, among others. Have to add Starsky & Hutch and Happy Days!

My favorite comedy of all. No stupid laugh track either! I was a big Carson fan as a kid, when the Tonight Show actually went 90 minutes. Letterman, Leno, etc, not so much.

I have to break this down into categories.

Comedies: Andy Griffith Show, Cheers, Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens, Last Man Standing, The Office.

Dramas: Longmire, Homeland, West Wing.

News/Docs: Frontline, 60 Minutes, The Smartest Guys in the Room (Enron story), Oklahoma City, most 30 for 30s.

Miniseries: Godless, Lonesome Dove.

Not sure what category to file this, but I like Fixer Upper. Two things that I am looking forward to watching are the documentary Wild Wild Country on Netflix and the new Kevin Costner series Yellowstone.

My favorite was Breaking Bad. Lived in ABQ for several years and was fun to watch.

Short story about Andy Griffith. This was my grandfathers favorite show but got tired of watching it because he had seen it so much.

His last couple years he suffered from severe dementia and we had to put him into a home. I went to see him one day and he was very excited. He had found a “new” show on TV. It was the Andy Griffith show. Because of his mind he had forgotten the shows and they were new again. I was so thankful that this brought him a little joy in his last years.

Yea, Matt…Lonesome Dove…It may have been the best Western ever made even though it was a miniseries. It’s my favorite Western, anyway. Tommy Lee Jones and the great Robert Duval…They both were at the top of their game in that one.

Hands down Mash and Gunsmoke are the best of all time. Currently I enjoy Designated Survivor.