What's wrong with two guys 7'3"

Wouldn’t it be tough to defend two 7’3" players. You could play high-low with Vanover on top (as the shooter and Markusson on the bottom with his post up moves. Then, you could screen and roll with either one of them or screen and pop with Vanover for the 3. Then, when they switch a 6’5 guy onto a 7’3" guy we should have the advantage and if they slide another big over you pass to the other big outside and go high low.

I have always thought that Markusson would have been easier to get than Bruner. Then, we could really go after Turner or any number of outside players.

I think our coaches would do a great job of teaching both of these guys to post up strong and give us some easy inside points (for a change) and it would also make it easier to play inside out and give our shooters some easy looks.

Tell me what the rest of you think.

What do you think they should do with that lineup when the other team has the ball? Especially a team that likes to push the tempo

Get more offensive rebounds and score more often. You still have 3 other players to get back first. This is a catch 22 situation. You still have the other 3 guys to stop the first break and they should be able to get back in time to stop the secondary fast break. How do they stop us?

Most of the teams in our league have at least two guys 6’8"- 7’0". What did we do to stop their offfensive rebounding? And if Vanover is running the pick and pop he’s already outside anyway and can surely get back. Markusson runs the floor just as well as most of the other big men in our league.

I appreciate your opinion and if we can get another athletic big man I’m all for it, but they are going fast. Another point to think about is we could rotate the two 7’3" big men and use Williams at the four.

I think Vanover and Markusson are not too slow but not too quick either. So, I have some doubts with both of them on the floor. But certainly rotating them at one spot and rotating Williams, Chaney and Iyiola at the other spot should work.

Five on three fast break?

Rockets tried the twin towers with Hakeem and Sampson. Didn’t really work. People would go small and run us into the ground, or shoot treys over us all night. Or both.

About fifty years ago Jacksonville took a one-loss record into the NCAA finals against UCLA.

Jacksonville was led by Artis Gilmore at 7’2" and Pembrook Burrows at 7’1" along with a very talented 6’6" Rex Morgan. Rod McIntyre at 6’10" came off the bench to provide relief for Burrows… Gilmore rarely left the floor.

UCLA, with only one role player over 6’8", handled them easily in the finals. In fairness though, when your two 6’8" guys are Sidney Wicks and Curtis Rowe, you should be able to handle most anyone.

Yep, thought of the old Dolphins too (that was 1970). Nobody was going to beat UCLA in the tournament then. UCLA’s closest game in that 1970 tournament was the final, an 11-point win.

I guess we don’t have to worry about that as we got a very fine 6’9" f/g in Vance Jackson. It would be really nice to get Justin Turner to fill out a very strong lineup. Of course if we don’t get him but were to get Landers Nolley nobody would be disappointed. Thanks for all your comments! I was just posing a possible situation.

I think two 7-3 guys could work in a half court game. Probably would want to play a 2-3 or 1-1-3 zone to keep them from being exposed in 1-on-1 matchups.

Stanford did pretty well back in the late '90s with the Collins twin towers.

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Lopez brothers at Stanford weren’t bad either. 7-0 and 7-0.