What's up with the team

What’s up with the team? The team isn’t as good as the sum of its parts and it’s kind of a bummer. I expected us to play a lot better than we have. After Gonzaga I expected us to sail and quite the opposite.

Just would love to hear what others think.

There is no part of this team that is consistent right now. Every facet of this team has let us down and been responsible for us losing these games. There are key players that are not performing like they are going to have to perform. I have worried about the pitching all along and still do.I’m just not sure the starting pitching is going to be SEC quality. the offense has not been as good as I thought it would be, we have left runners on base way too much. Conference play starts this weekend and unless we get a lot of this stuff corrected we are not going to be very good.

In a word, pitching. The team ERA right now is around 7.

Team ERA is 3.48 which is higher than it should be but hitting with runners in scoring position has been more responsible for us losing games then anything else. We had some errors in Houston but had we hit the ball with runners in scoring position we would have still won those games because we lost three games by five runs

Ooops my bad! That is our opponents.

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Poor defense in Houston! Lack of hitting with runners in scoring position and horrible strike 3 calls on balls that are in the batters box with the batter or in the opposite batters box! This happened at least 4 times in Houston against us and our pitchers didn’t get the calls.
DVH is figuring out the batting order
With Franklin and Heston at the top we should be able to get the offense rolling.
The pitching is a work in progress but there’s been more positives than negatives. ZV can close ! Burton and Trest can be successful in the set up role in 7 and 8 innings of games.
There’s numerous candidates out of the freshmen that need experience that have shown flashes. I’m not worried.
The hogs will be fine. They need to hit the road to Stinkville this weekend and win the series.

Definitely trust Trest and Vermilion late in games, not sure we will see Burton in that role right now because he walks too many.
Starting pitching will make or break us, Noland has to prove he can pitch on Friday nights and be consistent for six or seven innings without giving up more than one or two runs because the room for error on Friday nights is slim to none. The offense will have to be very consistent in taking advantage of the opportunities that are given us because you don’t get too many. The whole team just needs to improve quite a bit for us to be able to win in the SEC right now

Poor hitting with runners in scoring position, errors in bunches and inconsistent starting pitching…in no particular order.

“Good news” aspect/counterpoints to the above:

We DO have a good hitting team (over .300)…and you’d assume it’s just a matter of time before the law of averages kicks in and we start hitting like that when the ducks are on the pond…which we haven’t so far in this young season.

The does appear to be a lot of quality arms on our pitching staff, and it’s early enough that one or two unexpected newcomers may emerge and end up taking over a weekend role. Time will tell…but at least we have some options to work through, and that hasn’t always been the case.

Once again, the primary culprit is one person…Casey Martin. He’s not the only one making errors, but he’s responsible for 1/3 of our miscues. Maybe we can move him to DH in later innings and bring in someone else at Short (or move Moore there and bring someone else in at second base). In general, this is a good (not great, but good) fielding team.

A five game losing streak is bad, but we have the various parts to be a really good team in time… and we have one of the best to coach them up and put it together. We don’t have that Friday assassin like the last couple of years but I do believe we have a deep bullpen to make up for some of that. They need to have fun and play ball… too much pressing by several players early on.

I don’t know if he will be as effective as Knight and Campbell - frankly, that’s a tall ask - but I haven’t seen anything from Connor Noland yet that suggests he won’t be an effective starter. His numbers have been pretty good through three starts - 4 earned runs, 19 strikeouts and 4 walks in 18 innings.

Noland just has to stay away from that 1 bad inning which was his problem last yr… Fridays are much tougher to pitch in than Sundays because some of the pitchers he will be up against are very very good and you don’t have much room for error… looking forward to seeing how he does!

I’m disappointed Casey Martin is still having issues at the plate & with throws. Austin bailed him out on a couple of throws to first last night. Did he strike out on every AB? He looked better last week after the coaches worked with him & now appears to have fallen back. We badly need him to become consistent in the field & at the plate.

He’s in a funk for sure,can’t hit the off-speed pitch but is getting better at not swinging at Sliders off the plate…would have hit 2-3 HR last week but wind held them in…He’s aiming his throws and is too much over the top and the ball is diving,Austin has been incredible in digging them out but won’t get them all.hes just pressing,it’s a big yr for him.

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Yesterday the pitching was gray! The defense held together with some good plays and the hogs hit enough to win! Leaving RISP again and DVH mentioned that issue in his post game presser! The good thing is the hogs won!

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