Whats up with Powell?

Whats up with Duncan Powell open his recruitment back up?

Don’t like seeing someone say “100% opening recruiting”, that doesn’t sound like just second thoughts, that sounds like some sort of break-up.

Did a better offer come down the line?

If I was guessing I’d say Buzz got him to reconsider and at least give A&M a look. If you remember there is a kid in Ok who had told everyone Ar was his favorite then out of nowhere committee to them.

Anything can happen in the recruiting world! LSU might have sent a bagman with a wad of cash! Or by the lack of action by the NCAA it may be some other school has decided to start passing out cash.
It’s still early and a lot can change. Right now from a recruiting standpoint point I’m looking forward to seeing
Williams, KK and Moody sign their LOI!
Also it will be interesting to see when Joe announces his plans! Then it would be huge if Jones comes back for 1 more year!

You are probably onto something there, Jerry. I suspect Muss and Buzz will probably cross swords many times over the next several years. My solace in that comes from my belief that the fight will be fair, and that Muss will win more than he loses. A&M has zero basketball tradition and will always be a football school. Muss has a way better product to sell, and he will.

I’m interested to know more about this, but I agree with Army on this, if history is taught us anything it’s to focus on getting the guys signed that are in the upcoming class. We have time to work out the issues caused by Powell, but only if we get all these guys in the next class signed.

Maybe Muss found out something that caused him to back down on Powell and ask him to reconsider???

Speaking of the devil, LSU is recruiting him now…

He has not returned my messages.

Usually does right away.

So…I got nothing solid to offer besides he was getting more offers.

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