What's the word on Hudson Henry?

Is he healthy? Has he had a good Spring? Stronger and more physical?

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Been wondering about him myself…hope he can finally git’er done.

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Haven’t heard anything saying he’s not healthy.

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He looked fine to me. I did not see all the practices. Tyrus Washington looked good, too.

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I think his spring went fine. I didn’t see him do anything spectacular, though. He was out there, looked healthy.

Scottie, any idea on what the depth chart looks like at TE?

Trey Knox, Hudson Henry, Nathan Bax, Tyrus Washington. Bax will play.


At 260, I’m guessing Bax is our most physical TE. Knox probably the best threat as a receiver, and Henry more of an all purpose TE. We’ll need all 3.Hope they can stay reasonably healthy.

What Clay said. Knox will lead the group if healthy. Henry and Bax would probably be Nos. 2-3.

Erin Outlet? Saw him play as a 11th grader. Looked like he had excellent ball skills. That knee injury must have really set him back to not even be mentioned. Thought he had more potential than any of these guys.

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