What's the story on Xavier Kelley

Haven’t seen his name about signing anywhere today?

I think we feel good about our chances of getting him from what I understand.

He has not signed and doesn’t have to be in a hurry to do so as he has to finish up at Clemson this semester.

So he can’t got through spring practice.

But he is plug and play.

At this point, still looks like Arkansas

The Clemson 247 site said he graduated in Dec with a degree in communications.

Interesting, but obviously I think it is still too late to get enrolled here.

I plan on checking in with him on Thursday and asking some informed folks as well.

A guy that’s pretty connected with the Kansas schools said as of last week they weren’t involved with Xavier. Obviously could change.

I say that because some have speculated he might go back home. Like I said elsewhere, he told me last week he didn’t have a date to announce anything.

In checking Arkansas schedule of classes, classes start as late as March 4th.


I think Kelly has until March 4th to enroll and go through spring practice.

The academic requirements for student-athletics doing post graduate work is set by their conference. The SEC is the one who sets academic requirements for grad students at Arkansas, not the NCAA.

I have no idea if Kelly is coming to Arkansas, but I do think he could participate in spring practice if he enroll by March 4th…

NCAA rule
Graduate Program. A student may compete while enrolled in a full-time graduate program as defined by the institution

Could we be holding him off waiting to hear from others or is he too good for that scenario?

I think he is way to good to hold off for anything.

So Dudley, what did you find out when you checked with Xavier on Thursday?

This is correct based off what I was told this morning. The person that told me this would know. Still learning about the portal and graduate transfer market.

Well that is certainly good news and hopefully bodes well in our chances of landing him!

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