What's the point of ratings if...

WR’s like Jay’lynn Polk will outperform guys like Troy Omiere at camps? The difference in ratings is drastic, is there a skill the camps aren’t capturing or are these numbers just a political game?

I believe there are several factors in it. Dudley has said before there are some camps that have recruiting guys at them and there are some that ain’t. If WR #1 goes to a camp with ESPN recruiting guys there, he will get ranked, but if WR#2 isn’t at that camp then ESPN won’t rate him as high, even though he maybe outperforming him at the rest of the camps.

Also, and Rivals just had to defend themselves for this, if a recruit (even made up) gets an offer from Bama they’ll get rated whether anyone sees them or not.

I don’t know about ratings, but I believe there are several WRs higher on Arkansas’ must have list than this young man.

Sorry, I should specify that both WR’s were at the same camp when they polk graded higher than omiere

Who has offered both? That does influence rankings. If they have the same offer list, have the same exact camps, and same exact exposure to the recruiting guys, then I have no clue, but if one playing a game against Alma, and one is playing against De La Salle and both having breakout games. The one playing against De La Salle will be much higher, because of who he plays. The rankings are weird, ask Hudson Henry

I think you’ll see Polk jump up the boards, he’s been getting noticed and complemented at every camp. I’m sure he will rise, he’s a stud.

Arkansas has loved Polk since they offered. He’s a 4 or 5 star to them like TQ was.