What's the latest on Trey Burks?

I think he should be full speed by summer but was curious as to what is the latest info.

Same for Catalon.

I’m always skeptical that a skill position player can be 100% the first season after a major knee injury in a game. Seems like most of the time it’s the second season after the injury when a DB/RB/WR is all the way back.

Hopefully Burks will be ready to roll in August, but I won’t be surprised or disappointed if its Spring 2020 before he starts to really shine.

I’ll check in

I am not a scout by any means, but the first time I got to see TB play was the state title game vs Arkadelphia.

I was struck repeatedly, on offense, defense (and Lord, that poor badger who returned a punt past the return team then was CRUSHED by TB), that this guy looks like DMAC.

He dominated a good team the way Keith Jackson used to do.

Yes, its’ quasi-blasphemous to mention any hs player in the same sentence as those 2.

I have no idea is he’ll be a college football HOF’er, the odds are very against it, but that’s what he looks like to me.

That’s a long way to say that I think we get 3 years of TB. Usually I’d say RS his first year, come back full strength, but I don’t think we’ll have that long to watch him in a hog uniform.

Just my Very humble opinion.