What's the deal

With montaric brown signing a juco letter of intent or something like that. What are the odds he makes high enough grade on his act to make it to campus? Hope the kid d makes it because we sure do need safeties.

If Akial Byers qualifies and Montaric Brown doesn’t, that would be something.

He’s needed a better ACT score. That’s nothing new.

In talking to someone close to Montaric, I can say going to JC isn’t in the plans for him. That obviously would change if he falls short.

I was under the impression the current staff didn’t offer until certain i’s had been dotted and t’s crossed. Was I wrong? Was I wrong to think that Byers wasn’t offered because of perceived academic shortcomings?

Several kids on the current roster had some work to do in order to qualify. Bielema and the staff have a very good track record with those type kids. They expect the same with Montaric, but there’s never a guarantee in these type situations.

Byers had a long ways to go. It didn’t look good at all, but he made it. There were other concerns too.

So when will we know? It’s now almost July. Is he on campus?

Thanks RD

Should know fairly soon. You have to be cleared by the Clearinghouse to be on campus so no, he’s not on campus.

Last ACT test was given June 10, the scores are just coming out. And as RD said, he then would have to be cleared by the Clearinghouse.

This stage always confuses me. Lets say he does not make the ACT score. Obviously he could go to JC. He would have to graduate from JC to come to Arkansas. Are there other options for a kid his situation? (Not asking if any of these are a good idea or not, but just if someone COULD do it):

Could they just not go anywhere next year and keep taking the ACT? Not enroll in JC, not in enroll in any college? Any rule that says you have to go to college right out of high school? (Alex Dillard didn’t but that was basketball and a long time ago).

Could they go to some type of prep school? He has already graduated from high school. Would that keep him from going to a prep school?

He could go prep, but I think that’s unlikely. I think it will be Arkansas or JC.

RD If you had to put a % on the chance he makes it to Arkansas, what would it be?

He’s made his ACT score, just needs to finish a summer school course with a certain grade.

Great news

Like I said the other night, someone close to MB doesn’t expect anything other than him going to Arkansas. JC wasn’t even mentioned.

I’m pretty sure that graduating from high school does not disqualify you from attending prep school. That would seem to be the best option for a non qualifier, but it is also expensive. Someone has to pick up the tab for that. NCAA eligibility clock does not start until an individual enrolls in college somewhere. I believe that enrolling in a JUCO does start the clock.

I didn’t realize that an athlete had to graduate from JC to transfer to Arkansas. I thought they could do that before graduation if they showed sufficient progress. The rules for recruiting are so detailed that one wonders how anyone can navigate it; whether the number of athletes that can be signed in a single year, the rules for transfers (both JC, D-1 to D-1, and graduate transfers), or why an athlete can qualify for one school in D-1, but not the SEC. Mystifies me. I’m glad we have professionals who report this stuff.

They only have to graduate from JC if they are not qualified in the first place.