what's the deal with Jordan Jones!

saw where he’s like 3rd string WR and yet probably the fastest guy on the team.he was the rave last yr about this time and caught some deep balls last yr.what has happened to him???

I would say La’Michael Pettway and Mike Woods have happened to him. Pettway is probably the team’s most improved receiver and Woods is one of the more advanced freshman receivers to come through Arkansas in a while. All three of those players are competing at the “9” position, which is the boundary receiver who is going to have to win a lot of one-on-one matchups.

I think Jones will play plenty this year. With this offense’s tempo, there will be a lot of substitutions to keep players fresh.

The description I hear most often about Jordan Jones is inconsistent. He just has not been consistently solid in route running and recognition of the defense. He has ability but has not put it all together.

shame we can’t seem to get a receiver to put it all together in a while…Martin I thought was him basically a no show.

Just my opinion and observation, Pettway and Jones both appear to have heart or head problems. Not a talent issue, i have seen both quit on routes in game because they got bumped or pushed. If a player does that how can you trust them?