What's the deal with Cheyenne?

Is he still on the team? Will he play this year?

He played last week, just not very well. And, he was at practice Wednesday. And, he’s C.J. to me. He’ll have to play better than what he has to earn the right to be called Cheyenne (by me). Of course, I’m kidding about the name thing. But I will stick to him just being C.J. He’s been the same since early in high school. Just doesn’t stick to the structure and has not been reliable. He is talented. He didn’t practice often in high school and continues to have issues with being on time, regular in his duties.

How many suspensions for Mr. O’Grady? I’m wondering if Morris might get more mileage out of unloading his “issues” and thereby setting an example for the others on the team having difficulty in buying in.

why did he not practice much in HS??

From the tweet by a teammate a week or two ago, it seems he doesn’t like to go to class or practices. If he doesn’t attend classes, Morris won’t have to make that decision. The school will make it for him.

His attitude should be extracted from the program

So much potential left behind…

I know kids can do dumb things, but he could play on Sundays, but no Pro team would take a chance on an unproven player with an attitude problem.

When Cheyenne was in 7th grade he played a few tournaments on my AAU team. One of my players had moved to Hot Springs from Northwest Arkansas and he and Cheyenne were best friends.

Cheyenne came to Hot Springs for a few weeks during that summer to visit. He was huge for a 7th grader and had a nice shot. My players mother had told me he had a tough home life and that he was kind of reserved. Man was he…lol…I couldn’t get him to be aggressive at all. He was always super polite and never gave me a minutes problem…just couldn’t get him to play up to his size.

Through the years we would see him playing on other teams and he would always come hang out with us. When I found out he was going to Arkansas to play football I was so happy for him. I just hate that it hasn’t worked out. I hope he can get his personal issues under control.

Not sure if many know that former Razorback basketball player Larry Marks is his dad.