What's the current thoughts on the Vegas tournament?

Promising or not? One thing for sure, in that large hockey arena (18,000 seats for basketball), there should be no problem social distancing.

I’ve made our hotel reservations (New York, New York, the closest casino to the arena), but not yet, the air reservations.

I really, really hope this tourney will happen.

Just asked a good source and they truly have no idea. Hard to see it being played if football isn’t playing in the fall.

Would be a blast. Hope it happens.

Air reservations are no problem. Since March, been able to cancel or make changes online with no problems. Been sort of nice as I just make my reservation and then figure which flight best fits. Just like the old days when I would make final plans almost at the airport. Flying has been pretty neat too. Less crowds (more every day), and have not had to wait on upgrade. They have been doing it as soon as I book. Have not flown coach since Feb.

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