Whats happened with KK?

With Devo getting tossed, I figured we’d see him some.

Is he in a dog house? Not performing well enough? Injured?

Anyone know?

He wasn’t dressed out. I’m thinking he’s injured.

He was on the bench in warmup attire

Exactly my thoughts… what is going on with him?
We only played 8 total players. Devo got tossed and Connor played 5m total. So with 6 players down the stretch you would think we could have used KK some tonight, unless he is hurt. Really curious as to what is happening.

Maybe one of the guys can ask Muss in a presser.

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Muss’s bench pretty much stops at about 8 players. He’s always been that way. In the first two or three games, reporters would ask for his thoughts on KK’s play. Muss’s response was pretty much the same each time. KK works hard, but it will be hard to get into the rotation because Devo, Notae, and Lykes are the clear top 3 at the guard position

Robinson is still not in game form. We have good talent not playing right now on the bench because they need to get their basketball legs under them, and Robinson is one of them.

Seems like he is 4th in the guard rotation (behind Devo, Notae, and Lykes) and Muss is generally going to use a 3 guard rotation against most teams.

KK wasn’t even in uniform last night, which tells me he’s hurt.

Yes. I get that Muss only goes 8 deep but my point wasn’t his rotation depth, my point was with Devo out and Connor playing 5m, it seems he would have gotten in for a few minutes in the second half. But whatever… Lykes and Notae were both playing lights out.

He warmed up. Kamani did not though.

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Did Jaxon Robinson warmup?


KK is still working through his injury, getting in game shape and fighting to get time in the rotation.

He was dressed out, but the shooting shirts t(with their names on them) hey are wearing this season are more a t-shirt so that may led to the confusion.


Dudley why do you think Kimani Johnson doesn’t get more playing time? We could use his size on the boards especially with the teams we’re about to be playing with all their size.

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