What's going on with Harris and the screw in his foot

saw he tweeted that he feels bad pain when the screw rubs against the bone…please don’t tell me he’s not ready for camp and not 100% b/c if anything happens to him we are SOOOO screwed at LB its unreal,never seen a ARK team be so undermanned at LB with talent/experience.could get embarrasing ugly.


I have screws in both feet. While the screws help recovery and make new things possible, they do not resolve discomfort. Feet were not made for American football. They were made for badminton.

So, I suspect he’s just disappointed that the discomfort (or pain) still resides.

It will be a question we will ask on Monday when we get a chance to talk to Coach Morris and his staff before the annual golf tournament.

well if he has discomfort he will not be able to move the way he has and we will be in really bad shape at LB and will destroy our run defense,going to be very tough with him will be horrendous without him…not good!!

Scootah is the key man on the team. There are two QBs with major DI experience, but Scootah is the man on this defense. He needs to be healthy.