What's Been Missing for the Past Several Years

Today was a cold (high of 27), snowy Easter here. That happens on the High Plains (70 yesterday). That led me to stay in all day. I watched a lot of TV. Going through NetFlex, I saw Greater, so we watched. We all know Brandon’s inspiring and tragic story. That is not the point of this.

It hit me as I watched what being a Razorback means. What it should mean to a young man to run through The A. What it meant to him that first time when he thought it would be the last (at least in the movie). For years, that has been a very special thing. I still get all emotional about it. What we have been missing is the effort and frankly the knowledge from administration and coaches on just what being a Razorback means to the whole state and those of us to whom it is home even though we do not live there.

I am not saying all our players need be from Arkansas, but they do need to understand what it means. I think it is more important that that The admin understand and appreciate it. We have not had that for several years. I am pretty sure CSP gets it. Somehow, the AD seems to have learned it.

These last few season have hurt so bad that I could not watch much at all. It was a disgrace to all of that tradition. I am not saying they have to win them all. I understand the SEC. It is about how they play and the effort that is put into the whole program (s).

I want to see pride in the Hog on the helmet (or jersey or whatever), and a complete and total effort in representing it. We have not had that. I hope to see it again before I check out!

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I am hopeful that things change and we see the fire and passion return. The diva type athlete that wants attention brought to them only being replaced with the talented kid who will do anything to just win. Maybe I am too old school.

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Sorry guys, but the days of Grantland Rice passed a good while back. Sadly few young people are raised thinking about much except fame and fortune.

Excellent post Colorado & I just watched Greater again a few days ago. As usual it stirred me emotionally.
I do think CEM, CSP and HY get it about being a Razorback. DVH certainly does too. I’ll throw in CMN as well.

I agree with you both, regarding how we old guys feel. However, bob may be right about the kids.

What watching Greater does for me is emphasize that a walk-on program is important. While saying that, it emphasizes that recruiting from outside the state is equally important. Yes, you must have the Burlsworth and Petrus who walk-on. And, you must sign those like Russ Brown, Ken Hamlin, Kenoy Kennedy, Tony Bua, etc., from out of state. Those are out of state players who played as hard as Brandon Burslworth. You have to be deligent in uncovering a Brandon Burlsworth who walks on.

I don’t watch the movie and think, “They should give more in state scholarships.” You still have to evaluate and determine value and where you can recruit players to walk-on. That could mean an out-of-state walk-on, too.

There are no easy answers. I don’t review the Burlsworth story and think, “He should have gotten a scholarship on the front end.” What I think, that was a great job by Harold Horton and Danny Ford to realize that they could get him in the program and then reward him when it panned out that he was good enough. Remember, he was over weight when he came out of Harrison. That’s why he wasn’t on the recruited for a scholarship list on the front end.

I watched Greater again this weekend.

The scene when they are calling the Hogs and the table shook and the cup fell off from the noise. Gives me chills every time.

He was a jewel.

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