What's a Quality Win

So facing another contest with the Bayou Tigers, Sagarin has the Hogs at #32. Interestingly, there are only 5 NCAA teams with at least 3 wins over Top 30 programs. Our Hogs are one of those, following Bama, Mich, Clemson, and OSU.

Aubie, TAMU, and Tennessee have only 2 wins over Top 30 teams. Sagarin’s #8 team, LSU, has one win over a Top 30 team.

Looks like our wins don’t count.

That should not suprise any hog fan. Our hogs get no respect. Look at Michigan football schedule and ours and compare the two. You will see why they are scared to play our hogs in favor to play Notre Dame. We should be about 16 to 19th in the polls. We have to play defense and beat everybody. I would like to see the hogs play a big 10 school every year and a big 12 school. Our hogs are good. And getting better.

Emotionally I agree with that. However, the fact is we haven’t fared very well against Big 10 teams over the years.