Whatever happened with…

Was watching the KJ Hill catch vs Minnesota and brought to mind…

Whatever happened with the NLR booster club, booster club payments to his family or someone close…didn’t he also transfer from Bryant or Benton to NLR under questionable…etc.? All those things…

That was during Coach Bolding time…Bolding is no longer with NLR. Bolding apparently recruited Hill to NLR from Bryant by providing booster club payments to his step dad for alleged work for NLR. NLR vacated a 7A basketball champion and several football victories for using an ineligible player.

He certainly is a good receiver for the buckeyes. However, I don’t think that he ever was going to be a hog.

Many high schools have booster clubs. Mostly, they buy gear that the school could not afford. I have no problem with athletic departments at high schools forming booster clubs. This time it just got used for the wrong things. Things don’t always go as planned. We all know that.

One thing I will say is that KJ Hill is a good kid.

The adults took control of this situation.

Just like they did with Mitch.

Oh, yes.

Montez milked that for all it was worth. Probably still milking.

Who cares…The kid is at Ohio St. balling out of control. Just goes to show that he made the right decision.