Whatever happened to…

The guy from Warren maybe a couple years ago they had to go to junior college?

DD story got me thinking about that… Maybe his name was Jones?

Along with that, there was a linebacker from Fort Smith that had to go JB some time back. Wonder what happened to him?

If you’re thinking about Deontre Hardwick from FS Northside, I covered him my first year out of college. Incredible kid, just didn’t have any grades. He DM’d on me on Twitter last fall and said he was about to start playing ball at an NAIA school in Nebraska.

Never mind… His name was Basmine Jones and he ended up at ASU after JC even though Arkansas trying to sign in high school

A couple of years ago? More like a decade!

Time flies, doesn’t it?

Yep… Looks like he was the RS Junior in 2011 that wasn’t on the roster in 2012 when his eligibility would’ve expired