Whatever happened to Darren McFadden


Beyond sad for the greatest Razorback of all…

He got robbed by a friend! Financial advisors rob a lot of people. He trusted the wrong people.
He has retired. His last couple of years in the NFL I believe he was able to keep that cash away from the crock.

Same thing happened many years ago to Lance Alworth or as Bambi to Charger fans. Numbers were quite different but effect was the same.

He will get a judgement in the case but it won’t do any good because the money is gone. He should have stuck it in the bank and sat on it! He still has more money than a common man will ever make.
I think he will get into coaching!

What they should teach in college and certainly in the NBA, NFL, etc., is that it’s okay to have a financial adviser, but never give a financial adviser control of your money. Take the advice, if you wish, but personally make any investments. That way you always have control.