Whatever happened to Billy Gillespie (sp)? Thinking of the C Beard situation and if it’s a career killer

if it might be a career killer

Billy Clyde is the HC at Tarleton State, one of the newest D-I schools.

But if you read this, you’d have to ask why.

A search says banished to Tarleton St.

Excuse, instantaneous. :sunglasses:

Good gosh! I only knew of the drinking! What an A hole

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So, So glad we did not hire him…

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maybe BP like, I had friends who were Titans coaches and they were disgusted by how BP went about his business and took the slimy way out of ATL. Then all the hidden from public nefarious stuff started adding up and culminated with the Jessica joyride. Can ride coaching success a long way without justification when you win as each did.

Interesting that one of the people on the other end of his a-holery was Chris Beard.

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Perhaps someone said something like, “You think you’re better; bite me.”

Funny Swine my man

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