Whatever Happen to Heinrich?

I remember it being a pretty big deal when The Hogs got him. Perhaps I remember wrong. Have not even herad about him in the spring. Maybe he is hurt? As pitiful as this Oline is, you would think almost anybody could help.

BB released the two-deep depth chart for the Poultry game today. Heinrich isn’t on it. Which tells me that he’s not one of our 10 best O-linemen, and that they don’t think he’s ready to play. We have 19 OLs on the roster, so there are eight others besides Heinrich who aren’t good enough to crack the two-deep either. Could he be banged up? Maybe. They don’t talk much about injuries even for starters, much less people who aren’t playing.

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/biele … lina-game/”>http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/bielema-releases-depth-chart-for-south-carolina-game/</LINK_TEXT>

Heinrich had an injury that caused him to miss his final season of high school but I’m not sure whether it was an issue when he arrived here. In the practices I have seen, he has not had any time with the one or twos.

He practiced at right guard in the preseason.

Heinrich broke his wrist late in his senior year. He had been selected for the Semper Fi game and did not play. I believe he eventually had to have wrist surgery during his wrestling season. That derailed his weight lifting for six to eight months ahead of his arrival at Arkansas.

I would not rule out Heinrich in the future. He’s still just a redshirt freshman.

Thanks. Just wondering because he seemed to be so highly thought of. Maybe a help later.

He’s still young obviously. Was working with the third-team/developmental offensive line during camp when we got to see them.

And never forget that players on the “scout team” can shine and win a spot. Apparently, Brendon Young did that.

Thank you Captain Obvious.

Did you momma teach you that or did you get special training in obnoxious?

Does Bret play guys not on the depth chart? I ask because Brown ain’t listed and a story earlier said he could play this weekend.

im kind of confused about the offensive line usually take about 2 yeas to devolope several have not is are is the recruiting cordinator doing his job



As I understand it, Brown may play on Special Teams and you don’t see a depth chart listing for them other than the guys who touch the ball. We need speed and tackling ability on the kickoff and punt teams and that is where I expect to see him.

They don’t list the starters on special teams (and there are four of them), much less a depth chart.