What would you like to see MOST from the Hogs this Saturday?

There are a lot of things I would love to see when the Razorbacks play A&M this weekend (a WIN for one thing) but I am curious to know what others would like to see happen.

Personally, I am on the fence about which I would like to see MOST. It’s a toss up between 1) A pick 6 against this long list of capable receivers or 2) Seeing the special teams step up and show that they have what it takes to make us competitive in the SEC this year. Specifically, I would be be elated to see the kickoff team keep the average return in the neighborhood of 10 yards or less while our kickoff / punt returners turn on the jets and hit 25-30 yards every time.

A win.

Otherwise, I don’t care. It ain’t how, it’s how many. There are lots of ways to skin this cat. I’d be happy with winning 3-0, but that’s highly unlikely. I’d also be happy with 54-46 (which was the Auburn final last year). That one is somewhat more likely. (I’m trying to remember our last 3-0 win. It may have been TCU 1959.)

But if there’s one thing that I would say would result in a victory, it would be sacking Trevor Knight several times and holding him to minus yards rushing, as we did the TSU QB last week.

A win first and foremost. I dont care how we get there, I just want to get there.

With that being said…

I would like to see our Oline gel and hold those faerie tale DE to no sacks.
I would like to see our line backing corps get a half dozen passes defensed
I would like to see our secondary limit the long plays and get a pick or two
I would like to see kickoffs into the end zone.
I would like to end the game in regulation.

No Aggie sacks!!!
Win the 4th quarter

no sacks. both running backs rush for 100+


Some OT games, I wonder if my poor, out of shape heart is going to make it through the final whistle but I’d be lying if I said the occasional OT isn’t more fun than a decisive win in 4 quarters. That being said, I too would prefer not to endure a 3rd consecutive year of A&M in OT.

I beg to differ. Like Swine Fusion said, I’d love to see some Trevor Knight get sacked multiple times :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to see something borderline erotic.

Finish A&M off…

A win. 3 picks one of which is pick 6. 5 sacks. 3 fumble recoveries. 310 yards passing. 240 yds rushing. No turnovers by us. No sacks given up by us. To see sumlin Fire a coach at half because of rout. See a fight break out in Aggies huddle amongst themselves. Total domination. 3 long bombs to 3 different receivers. Every kick to go out of end zone by us. 50 yd fg with time running out to score 70. 3 Aggies we recruited to turn in maroon jersey and announce they will pay to come transfer and play for us after game is over.

I like the way you think Will. :wink:

Whoa, tall order. If we are going to start listing crazy off-the-wall stuff, I need to upgrade my expectations. Now I think I want to see 0 penalties against the Razorbacks!

I do not ever see our Hogs having better athletes than Alabama. I’d like to think that our recruiting can improve, but mostly, I’d like to think that coaching matters and that the CBB regime can add measurable value to the contests on the field.

I’ll admit, I liked the Petrino offense, but since CBB became our HC, I’ve been waiting for Bielema ball to take hold on the offensive side of the scrimmage. Wisconsin simply steamrolled over everyone – I’m ready to see that in the SEC, but with our guys doing that steamrolling.

I think discipline, technique, and precision execution can be a distinctive competence…I’m hopeful that is the direction we’re heading and our Hogs are in mid-season form this Saturday night…as we play our first SEC game.

I am sure that the obvious answer from everyone is and will continue to be “a win”. However, given that "how the ball bounces’ and unexpected turnovers can play a major role, I think that the key to the above is that CBB and staff will have to outcoach the Aggies for this to happen (say what you wish about coaching, but it does matter!). On the surface, it appears that the Aggie defensive ends are much quicker than our offensive tackles on both sides of the line, so we must find ways (not just one) to compensate. On the offensive side, the Aggies have a very good passing game, and are very good at negating a good pass rush with an elusive quarterback. I would love to see us augment the great efforts (which we must have) of our very talented players with schemes that minimize the impacts of the many positive qualities that the Aggies possess. Can’t wait to see our coaches’ schemes that result in a win for our Hogs. (That is to say what I would like to see most is what the coaches have planned and for our coaches’ plans and the efforts of our players to result in a win!) WPS!!!

I’d like to see Sumlin so upset about a loss that he threatens to punch CBB midfield :wink:

He is arrogant, not stupid.

I’d love to see Reed run full speed once he catches the kick off. If he does that and hits one small crease, he will be gone.

Seems like he runs half speed looking for a crease

Much has been made of A&M’s two defensive ends Garrett and Hall. Their receivers, special team speed, mobile QB, and fast running backs. We also know about efficiencies and deficiencies of our team. I like to see us to come out with a conviction that we will win this game in spite of it all as we did the TCU game. Psychology is the other 50%.

Win the game 1st and foremost,
Put Knight on his backside with force early, more than once so that looms in his mind rest of the way.
Fundamentally sound tackling on those aTm WR’s, hopefully jarring a few balls loose after the catch and/or causing some drops afterwards.
The key is our defense and protecting AA enough that he doesn’t take any bone jarring hits.

  1. Kickoffs in the end zone.
  2. Hold them to no more than 120 yards rushing (no long runs by Knight)
  3. Pulley on Kirk in man to man situations
  4. Give up no more than two sacks / sack them at least 3 times
  5. Win first down on both sides of the ball
  6. Rush for at least 200 yards
  7. No turnovers / get two turnovers
  8. Own the clock